A collection of 100 Peugeot cyclists respects the collection

Dao Xuan Tinh, a Peugeot bicycle collector that was made in the French Republic, which is a major factor in Vietnam has announced over 100 cars to accumulate the surprise.

On November 18 1818, the Vietnam House Association was the national record for Mr Dao Xuan Tinh – who has collected a Peugeot cycling in the Republic of France, most of them.
At his show, Dao Xuan Tinh made the cars on the street.
Bicycles have been familiar with long-term transport, linked to the life of many generations of Hanoi. Today, with the development of transport modes today, making travel easier and easier, images of less and less sympathetic bicycles on streets have a & n; town. South Westerly
At the time of funding, Hanoi's main transport routes bicycle. Images of slow bicycle that flow down on the streets are engraved in mind and be a beautiful memory in the heart of many generations of Hanoians, and the image of an old bicycle beside them. Women with a house also included poetry, painting, photographs, linked to a class name of artists at a time.
In the 1970s, Peugeot's bicycle was a dream property for many families. The bike at that time was like a two-wheel car, which could not be all the family, but the families that are good, and living in the cities: Hanoi, Hai Phong. … a new claim they are.
At that time, the most famous cars including foreign companies such as Peugeot, Aviac or Mercie … are spent at a few gold trees, equivalent to a few decades of m2. So, there is a number plate, proprietary certificate of bicycles, it is not different from today's car or motorcycle registration. The bike is a good resource for their families.
As a son of Hanoi, related to long-lived memories in Hanoi, the Dao Xuan chronicle is passionate and always attracted to his Peugoet bike.
It has three principles in the Peugeot cyclist collection: one of them requires the car to be old, the second one must be original and three are still well used.
So, for almost 20 years he has traveled, traveled in many places, many European countries want to find, buy and sell his favorite bike. Because Dao Xuan Tinh's criteria are old and first, he will try to buy.
To get the car, you need to spend a lot of heart, time and money. He has many memories that can not be heard in his collection years, owners of Peugeot's bicycles are just because he was in a position; Seeing her passion, passionate love for Peugeot bicycle that was agreed to make a right, although many people had previously paid premium prices, but do not agree to sell it.
At the moment, Peugeot Peugeot's cycling has reached 100.
Its special feature is at its & # 39; Peugeot's cycling gathers that all parts and clothing are all made and collected in the French Republic (by 1992). other countries.
Bicycles in his collection that have been made since 1918, have been over 100 years but still in good order. The most important thing is a collection of its Peugeot bicycle that is not a member of bicycle, it is really aimed at gathering Peugeot bicycles in pairs of men and women. Samh-Le Dao Xuan Tinh, old Peugeot bike as friends, feelings, have a soul, so every time a new bike is collected, try to find and collect the rest. right time, right color, so they are also couples.
So Mr Dao Xuan Tinh has a collection of pairs of Peugeot cars made in France with many different colors and designs. To be able to maintain and maintain these vehicles, it would have to employ a team of skilled, high tech technology that specialized in the maintenance, care and repair of Peugeot bicycle to keep cars in the car. Beautiful and a good move.
In particular, the jobs are now over 80 years old but also because of love and passion with the Peugeot bicycle that still has a " provides detailed care, maintenance and calibration information. Collector of the Peugeot cycle by the collector Dao Xuan Tinh.
When he was seen and his & # 39; travel to a bike in a & # 39; gathering, giving heart, money and time available, Dao Xuan Tinh will always feel proud, because not only is just a way of moving, but also remembers "One moment to remember." This is a work of art, soul, and incorporating long-standing cultural identity.
Today's urban life with thousands of vehicles that hit daily on the streets of Hanoi, but when they go to the streets of Hanoi, appearing on the street, the old Peugeot bicycles are always valued and specially noted on the road.
At the event, Mr Dao Xuan Tinh provided Vietnam's History Museum with two Peugeot bicycles to showcase.


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