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A dead daughter was killed at the market on his death

According to Mr Vu Dinh Thach, Chairman of Ben Tu Ward (Chi Linh Town, Hai Duong Province), after a while giving doctors relief but due to serious injuries, the observers returned home to hospital, soon after the death . Authorities carry forensic exams for their 34-year-old patience. At 17h.m. on 22/11, people suspected to hold for the Faculty, Burning down by law.

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Crime scene

Earlier, at 8:00 a.m. on 14/11, Criminal Police Division (PC02) – Hai Duong Police Department received information from Chi Chi Chihh's home on Dinh Thi Ngoc Anh (aged 26, in Hoang ward). Chi, Chi Linh town), 34, in the town of Ben Tu, the town of Chi Linh, using guns and self-contained knives to make the area Breaking a coffin at a market market gate (Ben Tam). ), causing her to die at the time. After making the case, the Department put three packs into the stomach.

After the event, subjects were brought to an emergency medical center in the town of Chi Linh.

Information, the Criminal Police Department has co-ordinated by the Department of Criminal Procedures, Chi Linh Town Police. Human Procurement in the Hai Duong department, local authorities to undertake site review, self-review and & # 39; implement professional research measures.


According to Chu Thi Nga, 38, in the middle of Ben Dang Chu Dang Khoa, and Chu Van Tan, 60, Chu Dang Khoa's father, about a year ago, Anh has told Nga about her sister, Anh and Khoa text messages are back and forth. Later, Anh does not want to keep up with the Faculty but the Department does not agree. Khoa has threatened Anh and both sides have spoken. Her husband met Khoa about this.

Ben Tham estate policemen also faced the Faculty on threatening message content. However, on 14/11, his / her case was heartbreaking.

According to Hiep Binh / People's Police

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