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A humorous treaty in the victim pair and 48 hours a mortar detector General Director in the Bong range

On the morning of October 29, 2009, in the Bong range, the people found the body of a male body lying on the grass beside the road. The suffering shirt was surrounded by a bloody man's body. Amazingly, he is a tall man, who is a victim of the victim.

Following the news, CAH Tu Liem trained professional units of Hanoi Police actively managed to explore the field and autopsy for scrutiny. Initial scrutiny shows the aggressive activity of the person made by the person. The victim had a shirt with a short mille, a black pants in a position where he was, a stab injured on his left arm, a deep split in his right; in which the deep stream broke in the neck of the aorta, causing death to the victim. The sack behind the dead body is left.

At present, a problem about a murder case was stolen. However, when the view was extended to the place where the victim's body was found about 20m, the search of a bicycle policemen with the Honda Wave ZX logo was black and red.

On car, there is a black digital detail with many papers, economic contracts, passports and business cards named Mr Ngo Van Tien, Chairman of Board with Dai Hoang Gia's Secretariat General Stock Company Company. Next Post is a proof of the motorcycle; show that the name of the registered carrier possesses a & # 39; respond to the content above. In the middle of the car, there are many valuable resources such as western gold chains, mobile phones, cash sporanges and personal papers.

Through a field survey, the features gathered have raised questions about the victim's complex relationship. In addition to the building in the bar, find a group that There are also police in the two victims who carry several caves, specialized supplies of homosexual types. In addition, the promise of a "special" relationship between the passive and some of the beings.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Binh Ngoc, former head of CAQ Bac Tu Liem (Hanoi), was then a case inspector who said that this was a very difficult case, first to question murder robbers. but after finding out that the victim's property is lost, the research guidance tends to be emotional. Major General Dao Thanh Hai, Deputy Director of CATP Hanoi, was then Deputy Chief of the Criminal Police Department and Major General Tran Ngoc Ha, Head of Crime Division (Ministry of Public Security) then sent a & # 39; Chief Justice on the Police Department. who is present at the time, directly with CAH Tu Liem officers to investigate; case.

The researchers at the time thought that the adversary could be people with homosexual relationships with Mr Ngo Van Tien. Everyone named in the "contract" is required by scams to work at their office. police. However, all these people are.

An unusual contract in both victim numbers and 48 hours of mortar detector General Director in Cotton - 1 range

The tragic bicycle and bicycle were found near crime

Monitoring the person involved

The boundaries of the event turned to passengers across or over the area, targeting those who had gone away at Bus My Dinh Station during the event. Every hour, every minute, the soldiers took advantage of the time and so got some of the products. The suspect was identified as Dao Van Hieu (SN 1991), living in the Dai Hung commune area, Khoai Chau district, Yin Hung division. The Dao Van Hieu source source related "emotional" to Mr Ngo Van Tien but was not included in the "contract settlement". At the time of the case, Hieu was also at the time.

Many working groups have attempted to find out about Dhao Van Hieu, consisting of Major General Tran Ngoc Ha, Major General Dao Thanh Hai, Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Binh Ngoc and Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van May – a Deputy Head of Hoai CAH now. Germany. Information revealed by Hieu in Hai Duong, Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Binh Ngoc's group had gone to Hai Duong but could not be found on Hieu. The working group still does not eat food in Hai Duong, but it is believed that Hieu appeared at the Hang Dau flowers garden in Hanoi. By unfinished food supplies, the brothers turned back to Hanoi.

Hieu was not completely detected but after 48 hours of discovering the event, with confirmation and determination, finding the forces of the Hanoi Police and Dao Van Hieu arrested while & # 39; The subject was hidden in Hung Yen.

Efforts to clarify, Jehu discovered that Mr Tien killed his corrupt. According to the Hieu's certification, leaving his own home to Hanoi with the intention of getting work, when he passed over My Dinh Bus Station, Hieu met Mr Tien and said; ask him to drink water. After that, Mr Tien asked Hieu to enter the Cotton field "to serve him". On the occasion of the event, Tien promised Jeu's promise to make money, but he paid only VND 70,000. With the knife of his pocket, Hieu slashed on Mr Tien's hand and was sent after him. Although his body is much smaller than Mr Tien and, Hieu still has to come back and his / her; fighting many deaths, causing Mr Tien to die. Hieu was taken out and he removed the victim's bicycle, but when he was about 20 meters away, he escaped because of fear of being found.

On the way to escape, as he went to Hang Dau's flower garden, Hieu was popular with a group of young handguns, so he returned to Yen Hung until he was arrested.

A humorous treaty in the victim pair and 48 hours a mortar detector General Director in Cotton - 2 range

Amas loves Van Hieu at the time of his arrest

Behind the crime

More than 2 days of white awareness, its case was clarified, the person arrested and the faces faced by the person who were arrested; participating in the research. Dao Van Hieu's concern is like the children who are being brought out to the society too quickly. Hieu did not finish the 8th grade due to a difficult family situation. Return to Hanoi to & # 39; looking for work, turned into life in urban areas, a young man like Dao Van Hieu did not face the physical disasters and was under the control of money. Mr Ngo Van Tien had an unusual knowledge of gender, although Hieu was still following his duties to get money, although he did not want. And when the opportunity rises, Jehu killed his Mr. Mr Tien to steal his property.

On 5 October 2010, Hanoi City Human Court opened a lawsuit for defending the Dao Van Hieu, with two counts of murder and delays. The reason confirmed by Hieu has two reports that the Department of Police had investigated and the People's Provocation made clear the behavior after Mr Ngo Van Tien killed, Jehu found pockets and took the car. machine. Only because of a riot, Hieu left her car and her entire property, but Hieu was expecting to go to her. stealing his possession. Based on the behavior of Dao Van Hieu, the Hanoi City People's Court has convicted the death sentence of the object.

On the way to Hai Duong when I heard that Hieu appeared there, the working group was told that the item in the Hang Dau flower garden appeared. By providing unfinished food, geese turned back to Hanoi.

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