A national conference will look 3 years ago on the development, reform of state-owned enterprises

To formalize balancing and implementing policies

At his press conference, Mr Dang Quyet Tien, Director of Finance Finance Department of Finance said that he was conference with the aim of evaluating the implementation of a 12-NQ / TW Resolution of the 5th Parliament MP 5th Executive Board and the project "SOE Reforms, which focus on economic groups and state estates in 2016-2020 "under Decision No. 707 / QD-TTg from May 25, 2017 of the Prime Minister.

In addition to the revision of the three years of the implementation of the reform, the SOE restructuring of this term, opened to & # 39; The conference has also been considering steps to deliver the services, departments and areas to implement it quickly. Configuration, effectively reinforcing SOEs, and # 39; implement balance, and bring forward state capital in a future business.

According to the Treasury directors, from 2016 to date, the Government has directed the authorities and the branches to investigate and write. build up the relevant authorities to encourage tools, policies and laws on balance, Restructuring of SOEs in time in accordance with the Law on Investigations, the Law on the Governance and State Priority Use of Investment in Production and Business, the Law on Security, Law on Federal Exercise and Land Law.

The Government gave orders 13, the Prime Minister 2 decided and 1 disseminated from the criteria, classification of SOEs, balance, movement, evaluation, mechanics Regulations and policies for staff …, in which , paying particular attention to the strategies for balancing SOEs and the implementation of state capital in initiatives to ensure that the legal principle, as market and open, is clear.

As a result, in 2017, 69 equitable enterprises, with a total value of VND365,953 billion, and VND160,156 billion state capital. In the first 11 months of 2018, there were 12 fair and fair equity initiatives of 11 29.747 trillion dong enterprises, where the state's capital was 15,413 trillion dong.

In a capital cash tariff term, SOEs have withdrawn VND9,046 billion in 2017, which earns VND138,327 billion (which includes a state capital tariff at Sabeco and Vinamilk). In the first 11 months of 2018, VND 5,067 billion was withdrawn and VND was 10,499 billion.

In terms of performance, in 2017, the total property of 562 SOEs is VND 3,001,117 billion. The total equity of VND1,326,699 billion. Total VND income was 1,598,742 billion. Profitable before VND tax 167,039 billion. The total bid is 219.468 billion VND initiatives.

In addition, according to the report of 294 divisional enterprises, state capital, total income came to 482,545 billion, up 21% compared to 2016; A total benefit before the VND tax is 36,633 billion, an increase of 11% compared to the number in 2016. B & # 39; The total number of VND state budget revenue was 47,297 billion, an increase of 18% compared to 2016.

SOE Assessment: Not just financial

Generally, SOEs are an important tool to ensure that macro-sustainable policies are implemented effectively, inflation prevention, and # 39; creating revenue for a state budget, which contributes significantly to socio-economic development. Economic revision and reorganization, national defense policy implementation and security and social security.

The recent results also confirm that fairness is an important solution to the restructuring, reform and reorganization of SOE. The results of balancing and recreation have a positive impact on the development of their trust market and its; improve the effectiveness of post balance groups. Most SOEs have a productively balanced, & # 39; do business efficiently, and pay to; budget and earnings staff are built.

According to Nguyen Hong Long, vice president of the Management Committee for the Revitalization of Enterprise and Development, to assess SOEs there are a number of different criteria, not just the financial criteria but also the criteria of social, public work. Compared to other initiatives, SOE plays an important role in delivering social security, security and security work. Overall, in the last time, SOE has a good deal in all areas. pond.

However, the SOE reform process also has a deficiency, as the linking point in creating strategies and plans. SOE management tool is slow for reform, not in line with international customs, standards, visibility and transparency. SOE managers are not responsible for clarity … Implementation of administrative areas and directions for Prime Minister's instructions should be clarified, public services and organizations have delayed and delayed registrations. In addition, the device to handle the responsibility of their headings when errors do not occur; , as well as handling a breach of SOEs performance management and evaluation. , badly.

At this conference, managers, experts and initiatives will be able to; discuss many of the solutions. According to Mr Dang Quyet Tien, important solutions are suggested as fair SOEs to review the total assets that are managed and used to make plans for land use. In accordance with the land legislation provisions, Divisional / urban People Committees comment on land prices plans and prices for approval by relevant authorities before valuing fair enterprises in accordance with regulations.

Managing the representative office of the representative of the State capital divisional agents to request the fair campaigns to firmly record the business and submit them to the conservation market in accordance with legal provisions. To achieve a equity arrangement and the amount that is included in the property (if applicable) for the equilibrium campaigns that have not been completed and completed by 31 December 2015; To report to the Prime Minister to explain reasons and to take responsibility for such tests.

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