A newspaper from Cornish is not deleted when it is & # 39; Seeing AFF Cup attention in Vietnam is different …

The responsibility for Park Hang-here and the students is currently very big. The atmosphere of games in Vietnam is not different when Korea is in the World Cup. Everyone was very interested.

On the second round of the 2018 AFF Cup, the My Dinh stadium was completed. They were playing Laos 3-0 in the & # 39; open match and beat Malalais with the 2-0 score. My Dinh Stadium was a spectacular look after the game on the 16/11 night. Many fans have set a fire to identify the fireworks, they play music, Dancing happily in the street. We appreciate daily feathers as an integral part of the party.

Flags are essential when Vietnam's win.

A man sent a big picture of HLV Park Hang-here, shouting everyone around her name and her; ask some people to photograph it. In addition, young people sit on their motorcycle, and # 39; holding its flag and its # 39; continues to fight on her; Vietnamese prime minister. In Ho Chi Minh City, there were thousands of people who traveled on the streets and gathered at the big screen to encourage teachers and staff Hang-seo Park. Many cafes, pubs, large restaurants also send a screen to keep their service fans.

The exhibition began very early. As early as morning, stalls were sold with shirts, banners and trumpets outside My Dinh. They created a light lit full of red. In the crowd, we had a man's image on a pub, he came very early and stayed to see the team of Vietnam a competition.

The game was launched in the first game of AFF Cup 2018.

The price of tickets on the black market was also a # 39; expand rapidly. From the first 400,000 VND cost, 10 hours have risen, about 4 million for a pair of tickets. At the time of competition, people still have a? Try to get bargains to be patient and buy tickets near the first value.

From what presses Vietnam's presence, people of this country live in the Christmas football situation just like the World Cup.

The Hanoi football article on Hani.co.kr stands in the 10 best articles that have been read in the past 24 hours. This reflects the interest of the Pearls in football in Vietnam.

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