A vision of the first A321neo aircraft at Vietnam Airlines was given in Germany

(VNA) – Vietnam Airlines's first Airbus A321neo aircraft was delivered in Germany. This is a modern 203 seat, divided into two different class sets with eight business class sets and 195 class sets.

On November 14th in Hamburg (Germany), Airbus passed to Vietnam Airlines. It was & # 39; First Airbus A321 out of 20 aircraft totally expected by the end of 2019.

Airbus A321 is a better version of A321ceo today at Vietnam Airlines with a fleet of 58 planes.

Deputy Director of Nguyen Thai Trung and representatives of Airbus and Air Capital Group (ACG) manufacturers, congratulates the first A321neo to accompany the & # 39; fleet in Vietnam Airlines.

The investment in A321ne planes is part of a company's strategy to develop and improve its fleet of narrow body planes.

For many months now, Airbus engineers have focused on completing their production process to The first A321neo aircraft to be delivered to Vietnam Airlines over time.

All detailed details of the plane have been carefully checked. This is a very modern plane.

203-seater aircraft is divided into two different class sets with eight business class sets and 195 class class sets. The 18-inch cat is designed to be older than the oldest, # 39; create a great place for more personal and self-esteem; comfort for travelers.

Resources for passengers. With many advantages, the A321 promises to bring new experiences to passengers. In particular, the Vietnam Airlines fleet is equipped with a wire streaming system with film shows, films and similar music to the Boeing 787 / A350 air inflatable standards.

The A321neo Wireless Streaming system with Vietnam Airlines will help to re-define its embedded conception on the # aircraft and provide a completely new and specific experience for passengers on their personal devices. smartphones, recordings, laptops). Good performance, partnership and an excellent range, the A321neo run by Vietnam Airlines on domestic and Asian routes.

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