AFF Suzuki Cup 2018: A chance to move on from the team

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Vietnam players play the 2-0 score of English counterparts on My Dinh Stadium on 17/11. Photograph: Trong Dat / VNA

Criteria criteria

The criteria for ranking in the table are: 1 score; 2 different aims; The total number of objectives identified in each visit is 3. If the teams are equal to the three of the figures above, the criteria for proofing the next level will:

– Conflict controversy is just between teams

– There are 11m penalties if the teams are considered on the field

– Punctuation points

– Draw

Table A


Myanmar has won bad effects against Laos and Cambodia, the weakest challenges in Group A, which is currently being launched. board. They must only win 2 points in the next two days with Vietnam and Malaysia. Also, to win its main role, Myanmar must have between 4 and 6 points in these two games.


Winning Malaysia has opened the door for Vietnam team. Only one of two matches against Myanmar and Cambodia to Vietnam. However, even if they lose both games, Vietnam will continue if Myanmar will defeat Malalais, and Park Hang Seo staff still have a " keep the score better than Malaysia.


Trade needs to hit Myanmar on November 24th, and there are good goals to move forward. If Malayia is getting to Myanmar, they will continue if Myanmar or Vietnam will go to. beat each other with a heavy scorching. If you miss to Myanmar, Malaysia will only take place when Vietnam has lost Myanmar and Cambodia 0-5.


In the first two games, Cambodia lost its right to devolution in Group A. The opportunities of his & Backpackers stay the theory, if they win the two remaining matches against Laos and Vietnam, and the other conditions. Myanmar influenced Vietnam and Malaysia.


After playing 3 games and lost 3, the Suzuki 2018 AFF Cup was officially demolished on Laos.

Table B


This team needs at least 4 points in the other two games to move forward. They can even go after the next round if they hit the Philippines and Singapore so they did not. They can win against Timor Leste. Thailand is missed enough for Singapore to Timor Leste.


The Philippines will continue after the next row, if Thailand and Singapore win against Timor Leste. If the Philippines are in Thailand, they will miss Singapore to Timor Leste. The Philippines must have at least four points in the two remaining games before Thailand and Indonesia come.


If the Philippines are compelled or surrendered; winning Thailand, Singapore must have at least four points in the other two games against Thailand and Timor Leste to go ahead, where the game with Thailand is important to the island team. a nation lion. In the case of Philippines lost to Thailand, I have to win three points in the two remaining games, and I hope that the Philippines will no longer get Indonesia.


To lose before the two challengers come after Thailand and Singapore, the opportunity to go Ang Indonesia is very weak. They will be eliminated if Thailand is entered into Thailand, or the Philippines that affect Thailand and Singapore that do not miss them to Timor Leste.

Indonesia will proceed if one of the following settings is in & # 39; happens: If Thailand is a success of the Philippines Islands, the Indonesian Islands should win the Islands and Singapore will not have more than 3 points in both matches against Thailand and Timor Leste. If the Philippines were about to lose Thailand and Singapore with Timor Leste, Indonesia needed to have a " hitting the Philippines and hoping that Singapore has hit Thailand.

Timor Leste

Like Laos, Timor Leste lost all three games and was eliminated.

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