After being sentenced to death, singer Chau Viet Cuong who looks at her & her; highest death penalty

In terms of the singer Chau Viet Cuong (real name Nguyen Viet Cuong) Ba Dinh District Police (Hanoi) was changing his taxation from Killing people killed, November 20, PV VTC response News, -lagha Nguyen Anh Thom (Hanoi Bar Association) will change the lawsuit under new criminal law, the pen table will change for Chau Viet Cuong compared to her; previous cost.

Lawyer Nguyen Anh Thom said the death of Chau Viet Cuong in the case of a rock is not considered to be; including challenging situations. On the other hand, with the behavior and organization of drug use, the sweetheart of a sweetheart, the person who suspects may appear to be the highest sentence of capital death.

According to the original certificate, Chau Viet Cuong's daughter was named H. and used some other drugs. As a result of the bad thing, the man who was in suspicion of the eagle took her mouth to go to the breathing of the person who was in a hurry. suffer.

However, Thom said that this is only the original qualification from Viet Cuong, the cause of victims of his death will Studying forensic knowledge is the basis for working. Crimes made by garlic hands to H. mouth have been the actions that are a criminal offense Murdo under Article 123 of the Criminal Code 2015.

Chau Viet Cuong looks at the highest death sentence, Picture 1.

Viet Cuong at the police.

There is a suspicion that there is no consensus, the victim should be a victim under an unmarried murder case according to Point n Cluse 1 Article 123 is established, by law.

"From a legal point, a rock can cause drugs to commit crimes in poor mental illness but not to eliminate your situation." The law enables citizens to be aware of the dangers they are causing. Incentive use means that the control of behaviors should be legally accountable, "said the Thom lawyer.

Previously, 16/11 Ba Dynh District (Hanoi) opposed Nguyen Viet Cuong (singer Chau Viet Cuong) about murder charges, in accordance with Article 123 of the Criminal Code 2015. Case records were transferred to the Hanoi Crime Division under review.

According to the research, on March 5 March, after visiting the business park in Ha Nam, Cuong went to Pham Duc The house (SN 1981, Ninh Binh town) to use stone drugs.

Video: Singer Chau Viet Cuong on the death of the school girl

At 3.30m, Cuong wants you to continue to use drugs and sex. By 7am, their drug group used 3 times.

The drug use, Chau Viet Cuong and a girlfriend called H on the "status" fell. Cuong says that H. is a ancestor, H. also that Cuong is a child, and both hands together.

Imagine H. a ghost of ghost; there, Cuong ran to buy a garlic, cooked H. and put the bird in his mouth. The victim was killed when there was a lot of garlic in the mouth and the cause of his death was identified as a result of a barrier to hinder the way.

Ba Dynh district police moved the signal to the region's Program, and suggested that Nguyen Viet Cuong would Complaints to kill people incredibly, in accordance with Article 128 of the Criminal Code 2015.

However, on October 12, the Baiyh District People's Lawyer returned to file because Cuong's signals were killing.

After more than a month of reviewing the records, the authorities confirmed that Cuong's behavior should have been murdered by changing the crime.

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