Asian newspaper: & is Cong Phuong; in the Thai starboard

(VTC News) – Despite being very dangerous specification from the corner case, Thai players did not have a wonderful moment at the Phoenix moment.

In the third round of the 2018 AFF Cup, the protector from Thailand, Korrakod Wiriyaudomsiri, liked the audience with a rare aim of the strike of an oil in the " game against Indonesia. However, the 30-year-old champion of war is not the most famous name on this route.

Air Fox Sports Asia, pen Gabriel Tan referred to his first Congregation in the list of the 5 most famous players on November 16 and November 17, although the player was born in 1995, this is only one minute. Most in the match against Malaysia. The Vietnam number strip of the Vietnam team is based in Aung Thu (Myanmar), "Messi Laos" Soukaphone Vongchiengkham, Korrakod Wiriyaudomsiri (Thailand) and Nelson Viegas (East Timor).

Bao Chau A: a Thai Library is also known as a non-resident capital in Cong Hoa province.

Cong Phuong has only one minute to be customized in a & # 39; match against Malaysia but that is the important goal to help Vietnam achieve 3 points.

Cong Phuong joined the AFF Cup in 2018 when there was no longer a star of Vietnam U23 players built in the Asian field. With a quiet role than ever before, this player has joined Quang Hai, Van Thanh or Bui Tien Dung went over. However, after the first two matches of AFF Cup 2018, it is & # 39; talks about Chong Phuong in a good way before Laos and Malaysia.

However, the last 20 years has been marked by the AFF Cup as a striker, with two goals in two games, "said Fox Sports Asia." There is no doubt about the talent of Congregation and in a & # 39; This competition has shown that you can appear in the big field. "

In both Vietnam team games, Cong Phuong gets the opening ticket. This is also the first aims for the national team in the regional sector. In a match against Laos on the 2018 AFF Cup opening day, Cong Phuong is the organizer of a game title ab # 39; best player.

"Two games got my confidence, tomorrow I will try to help the team get a good game, and I will do my best to show", Kenneth Cong Phuong style before game against Myanmar.

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