Asked, Mr. Phan Van Vinh used the right tone

Tuesday, 11/20/2018 11:45 AM (GMT + 7)

When hearing the lawyer's question, they used to condemn Phan Van Vinh (who was Chief of a Police Officer) calmly, he refused a reply.

In November 20, the VND trillion gambling test is a continuation of its & # 39; question about Phan Van Vinh (who was Chief of a Police Director) – charged for "on duty".

The response process requested the morning of today, at the time Phan Van Vinh asked her; sitting panel in response due to poor health. However, the former General Director of the Department of Police Department still continued; Responding clearly to the questions of the Panel, Public Inquiry (VKSND) of Phu Tho province and the lawyers.

Asked, Mr. Phan Van Vinh use the right to rain - 1

Response Phan Van Vinh responded to the chair

A question, representatives from the proverbist asked Mr Vinh, the CNC as a professional company, so it is ensured that the element of C50 will be a; capitalizing and employing partners? Defender Vinh said Director C50 (Nguyen Thanh Hoa) was the full responsibility for acting, and not protecting the person's responsibility.

"It's not the responsibility of the accused," Vinh said.

Responding to & # 39; project to release CNC Company (a company connected to the Nguyen Van Duong internet game agency as Chairman of the Board) Air House. 10 It's a small place in Ho Chi Minh, next to the house. Mascara is based there, the defendant said that that was reasonable.

"No. 10 loch The defendant's agreement was not the policy. The Deputy General Director for Logistics and the Deputy General Director over C50. A correct or wrong decision, the duty is to the person responsible for the demand is responsible, protect the orders of the person, "- said Vinh defender.

"The person recognizes the protection of their behavior, but the defendant stated that there was a mistake in advance. As the leader of the survey body, this case, # 39; for any mistakes, direct or indirect errors? The defendant is guilty of sending a program to proceed? "- VKS asked.

Mr Vĩnh responded: Criminalization of crime and offenses under the jurisdiction of the institutions and the scrutiny institutes. When asked if the lawsuit was correct, the voter said it was true. The person is only protected for the organizer and the Panel will work, and analyze all the evidence in disrespect. It is a scientific evidence in an original evidence to identify crime and to protect the amount of pictures appropriate to the person.

Representatives from the Attorney General (VKSND) of Phu Tho province subsequently said that Mr Vinh's certificate in court was inconsistent.

"Yesterday, the defendant gave permission to the lawsuit, but said that the person was not only protected indirectly indirectly. Although the crime is" to be & # 39; take advantage of the "just one business post" – said VKS.

The producer said from the question queried, Mr Vinh explained that there is no inconvenience in the exhibition that he wants to tell the particular context of each event.

"I expect the proxy to become the procurator to be thoroughly criticized, and how far I will make a mistake, not my offense, no. ; what do I need to get a proper penalty, "said Vinh.

After that, lawyer Nguyen Thi Uyen (defense advice for Sao Sao Phan) asked the defendant Vinh: With regard to the CNC, the screening company, the defendant said that there are any documents Any State of the State or Ministry of Public Affairs Affairs, does the company have a capital or state-of-the-government Ministry of Public Security?

When a query is heard, Phan Van Vinh is allowed to use the right.

The old statement

Defender confirmed Phan Van Vinh when the promoter letter is found, the person should be protected who is busy by solving many "neglected" issues …

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