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Following the success of the Paris Motor Show, on 20-21 / 11, the two Lux A 2.0 and Lux ​​SA 2.0 public VinFast cars on Vietnam will be launched at Thong Nhat Park (Hanoi). At the same time, VinFast will also include the officially imported small Folder cars and Klara electronic motorcycle. At the event, VinFast will open the sale and receive orders for promotional materials for its first customer.

To honor the value of "Vietnam's strong spirit" – a VinFast concert will be held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with many activities on the side.

In particular, launching two new "Stars" businesses in the world – the VinFast prize at the Paris Motor Show (France) – Sedan Lux A 2.0 and SUV Lux SA 2.0. Two models have been developed based on the design chosen by country users.

Then a small car for the first time in & # 39; public – Fadil. This is a car developed by Karl Rocks of Opel – one of the longest car motors in Germany, under the technology contract from General Motors (GM).

Finally, six cars with six colors of the Klara electronic motto, which made us a 30-minute car program on 3 November.

Not only is a VinFast event to introduce VinFast results to the public in the country, but also a time to open a motorcycle and get early orders for attractive cars.

In addition to taking the product and announcing its output; price, VinFast will organize many activities on the left, such as Klara Klara's program of knowledge, a & # 39; Opening your VinID Card to get incentives when it's going to; car buyers; Enjoy North American food – South of Vietnam's high craftsmen.

Thong Nhat Park's VinFast car park is open to the public for visiting, selling from 17h – 21h on 20/11 and 9am to 21st on 21/11. VinFast will launch, & # 39; selling and caring at Ho Chi Minh City from 16h – 22h on 25th November and from 9am to 22h on 26/11/2018 in Central Vinhomes Park.

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