Aung Thu, the lonely star


This is a star game if you look at the Thuwanna game between Myanmar and Vietnam. Why? As it seems that 2,500 spectators are sitting on the field; apply to each Aung Thu. When he broke the corner, when the ball was lost on his legs, he shouted for him.

In Myanmar, Aung Thu says about football. Out to the football field shows the image of Aung Thu to the tablets. Yesterday, it was consolidated once the people were just familiar with Aung Thu, and the other players in Myanmar just around it.

Myanmar Antoine coach is a team spirit. Despite this, the Myanmar game is responsible for performing the star in Thailand. The game last night, Aung Thu as a lonely star. This loneliness not only because it was protected by Vietnamese defenses but also in the opportunities created by team companies.

Looking forward You & # 39; see that Cong Phuong is lucky. Fortunately, many supporters supported Chong Phuong, but unfortunately it was unfortunately not to stop. Aung Thu and Cong Phuong were mentioned before the game. However, after 90 minutes, the two walk between different emotional banks.

Myanmar 0-0 Vietnam

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