AZ Suzuki Cup AFF schedule today 20/11 live AFF on VTV

AZ Suzuki Cup Record Today 20/11/2018, live live broadcasting record record in Southeast Asia on VTV5, VTV6 and some other channels tonight.

Az Suzuki Cup AFF 2011 AFF live on VTV photographs

According to the Suzuki Cup 2018 AFF timetable, both games will be played on the evening of November 20.

The Vietnam team travels to Thuwunna Stadium team of Myanmar home. Holding an interesting level of competition in the competition this year, Will Will follow this Hang Seo Park coach with 3 points in which he / she will be. Myanmar vs Vietnam game. Myanmar vs. Vietnam 18h30 on 20/11 (Cup AAF Cup)
Direct Myanmar vs Vietnam: Continue to update the situation of football games; Match the 2018 Cup Aan League Aan Myanmar vs. 18h30 …

The remaining couple are the conversation between Cambodia and neighbor Laos. It was not surprising that Laos was formally denied. Cambodia, despite its & # 39; Still a death sentence, but the chance to go straight into theory (only three teams were named in Myanmar, Vietnam and Malaala 6 points while there were still two games).

Schedule of events, AFF Live Suzuki Cup live broadcast today 20/11/2018


Date – Time Battle Channel
20/11 – 18h30 Cambodia – Laos VTV5, VTV5 HD
Myanmar – Vietnam VTV6, BDTV, HDTV, VTV6 HD, VTC3, VTC3HD, THVL2

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