Bao Hoa Summary – The tasty flavor of a tree

On the morning of November 19, the Labor Department, Invalids and Social Issues (DOLISA) held the week's Operation for Gender Equality and Combination of Virus (PC & PC) on a regional level basis in 2018 with the theme "Women and Children ", including Bui Van Cuu, UVTU, Former Chair of the People's Committee, Head of the Regional Committee for the Presentation of Women, departmental leaders, Hoa Binh Town and over 400 officers, civil servants and local areas.

– In order to assist members to increase their economic development, the Veterans Association of Veterans (Tan Lac) Association encourages members to self-reliance, not to Suffering for deprivation, to & # 39; emigrating from doing effective, actively contribute to the reduction of poverty in the community.

– Declining the headache, reducing poverty, ensures social security is a major focus for the Party and the State. In pursuit of this objective, the Party and the State have moved to participate in the entire political system to abolish the hunger and its. deprivation of poverty. With the role of the national national union gathering, in recent years, the VFF at all stages in the department has moved significantly and has moved to many motions and movements to helping poor households to improve their work. , consolidated life with the "policy" of hands related to the poor – no one left behind. "


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