Barça defended Valverde over Pep & Enrique

Guards Valverde Barca is larger than Pep & amp; Enrique
If you're just looking at what's in; going on at Nou's camp this season, a man who felt Valverde was a serious emergency expert. As it was quick to stamp the flames and the Catalunya team had never allowed inside things to cross the walls of the room. That's what Real Madrid can do at the beginning of this season with the manager Julen Lopetegui. And that is what Pep Guardiola did the two ahead of Valverde and Luis Enrique without support at the time of the Barracks.
Although Pep does not solve the conflict with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Lucho and Lionel Messi have been at any time to have a & # 39; look at each other. At this time, Valverde is still well managed in the second Barca season. However, the 54-year-old can not do so if there is no special support from the Barça team. Harder, Catalunya plays a "stick" place to go to # 39; conflict resolution that appears in the lighting room, until Valverde is "pretty".

When Arturo Vidal was unhappy with the most likely, Valverde continued to release the Silent media game to sit down and even bounce it from the registration list more times. But for the media, he said calmly: "We found a way to solve the problem. Indeed, I spoke to Vidal, but I will not give any further comments." Compared to that, Barca Pep Segura is not afraid criticized: "Vidal's thing is the respect that he should have a professional player with his coach and his teams. It's a wrong way, but I'm sure he knows how he will arrange it. "

Or the latest one, Ousmane Dembele is growing "hand potato" in a & # 39; Champa Nou. Despite the lack of professionalism in the French fractal use and competition, Valverde did not criticize the student in public. It's just … he removed Dembele from the start line and after he was knocked out of the Betis recording game a week ago, he just explained a bit short: "I'm doing The best thing for the team. "

Valverde could do so, because someone else had been a "bad person". This is Guillermo Amor, media director. "At Barca, you must always confirm that you are eligible to wear this shirt, even when you are trained or played. All of these players are very good and when you do not play, you need to wait for patients for your chance. "The same is the same as the last season, when Gerard Pique Barca is causing bids about to hire Antoine Griezmann. At the time, Valverde did not have to face the face and the "negotiate" of this midfielder is vice president Jordi Mestre.

Indeed, temperance is one reason why Valverde is always criticizing someone. But clearly, the management of Barca also provides a huge protection for the 54-year-old strategist. It is imperative that Campa Nou's studio room will not be reviewed with the ones I put on the team.


Coach Valverde is a non-compliant model to be involved in a problem. Looking back at the coach post, it was just right to the people who worked together. That's when Bilbao retired at the end of the 2004/05 season, the decision Valverde said as "the most difficult job", because he did not agree with his team president Fernando Lamikiz the Basque Country.

4 – Looking back, Ernesto Valverde's coach did not go. team management over 4 years. And only Bilbao (2013-2017), the 54-year-old has been tied to Espanyol, Olympiacos, Villarreal and Valencia for 1-2 quarters.

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