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Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi used to be enemies at the time of the three Kingdoms of China, but over time the descendants of Sima Yi reunited with the world and Zhuge Liang died with the descendants.

Where will the descendants of Zhuge Liang die under the hands of those coming from Tu Ma Y? - 1

Sima Italian is better than Zhuge Liang about teaching children.

During the time of the Three Kingdoms, Khong Minh Gia Zhuge Liang of Shu Han and Yugoslavia of Cao Wei were frequently mentioned as couples of equally strong competitors, nobody was lower.

Zhuge Liang stands out and has the ability to keep the army, predicting the opponent's movements. Meanwhile, Sima Yi is famous for his real patience, rather than the rejection.

In terms of military command, these two characters are also regarded as equivalent. But in the context of the Three Kingdoms approaching to the last stage, descendants of Sima Yui, succumbed to the Emperor Cao Wei, succeeded in their descendants, but the descendants of Zhuge Liang were usually without his master. . Math – son Luu Be.

The difference between how children should be taught

According to Qulishi, commenting on this side, Confucian Zhuge Ming is better as a result of the brutal death of a brutal disease, when the Northern Panic campaign is not complete. In contrast, Tu Ma Y is one of the most advanced people in the Three Kingdoms, at the age of 73 years.

Although many people believe that the article speaks about their potential, Sima Yi and Zhuge Liang are two very inconvenient talents. But of course, Khong Minh had two sides during life which could not be in line with the Tu Ma competition.

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Zhuge Liang – son of Zhuge Liang is just like the General Shu Han.

The first thing is old. Because Zhuge Liang died by Sima Yi. Zhuge Liang's son, Zhuge Chiem, was just the general part of Han Tank after that, without any significant contribution.

After that, Zhuge Chien persuaded an army to fight the Cao Wei army, led by the Society and Dang Ngai, but it failed. Battle of Zhuge Chihua, the home of Tuc Han's house ended.

Meanwhile, the Italian priest's two sons, Sima Shi and Sima Chieu, are trained from an early age, followed by a general general Wei, the others supporting the Wei empire. T as Jin Wang. , keep power for a long time.

According to the Chinese website Qulishi, the second problem is in learning children. Zhuge Liang was famous for being a middle class. So the army is influencing the method of teaching children's education. Zhuge Liang took their new name with the late master of Luu Thien.

Before Zhuge Liang died, Zhuge Chiem did not expect to go out to empty power, but thought it was a common sense.

Against the way children Zhuge Liang learned, Tu Ma Y previously used children to fight. When the children were hurrying and hurrying, Sima Yi was the one who held back, steering them to reach a very good view.

The descendants of Sima Yi

With his father and grandfather in court, Tu Ma Chieu quickly started on the field. He used to keep many jobs, to protect the town of Luoyang and to become Tan Thanh Huong.

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Sima Yi and two sons in Scottish drama.

During a period of rebellion, Sima Zhao and his brother, Ma Ma Su, turned the tide, attacked King Wei Cao Fang and formed the cup of king Cao Mao.

After the revolt of his brother, Sima Zhao brought Cao Mao back to Luoyang. He made Cao Mao attack the attack, taking the six districts in Jingzhou and the two private areas of the Qing Dynasty to build the Jin Dynasty in Wei's home, just as Wei King Cao Cao sent when he sent over the Han Dynasty.

Before Sima Zhao was founded, Cao Mao, a group of soldiers, refused to fight against Sima Zhao. The plan tells of how Cao Mao was killed. Sima Zhao Yen Wang Cao Yu established as Cao Ho on the throne, called Wei Yuan De.

In 263, Sima Zhao personally did not supervise the army, but only two generals, Dang Ngai and Chung Hoi obtained land as "easy as hand". This has shown how tall Yugoslavian descendants were, compared to Zhuge Liang.

In 264, after the house was destroyed, his power in the descendants was sufficiently strong, by Tu Ma Chieu of Cao Ho to subdue Tan Vuong, the land of Tan, and Tu Ma Y as King. Mr Tu Ma Su Canh Vuong, choosing Tu Ma Viem as King of the Prince, was elected by Mr Tu Ma Vhuong.

In 265, Sima Zhao died. Emperor founded the capital, Cao Hohua, the capital, which was named by Tan Vu De, whose grandfather Ma Yat became Tan Cao, ie the chief in the descendants of Tan, t ongoing. Father Tu Ma Chieu of Tan Van De, with a temple called Thai To, sits on the beach.


The credibility of Sima Yi is crucial in building a foundation for the world unity, to establish the Tay Tan House, but why was it only for four generations? The next lesson will be written about the time.

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At the end of the three Kingdoms, the face gradually collapsed when Cao Wei ruled the Central Highlands, and Shu Shu fell and eventually fell …

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