Before being launched: VinFast Fadil

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The first information about Fadil's operational module is a & # 39; shows that the car is capable of competing with competitors in the region, including Kia Morning, Toyota Wigo, Hyundai Grand i10, Suzuki Celerio and Honda Brio who have been introduced again. at VMS 2018 this October.

The Threads use the same chassis as the Chevrolet Spark, but it has been developed according to European standards, especially in German technology, especially the Opel Karl (today Vauxhall Viva is sold to the first one. PSA Group in the plan to withdraw from the GM European market).

It is a model in the Chevrolet Spark that GM has sold in Vietnam but is not sold as expected. Comparishes the appearance of Fadil to a & # 39; Chevrolet Spark, it is clear that VinFast's car appears to be much more modern (unfortunately, if the Mason face was the same as the one who was voted with the public, there is huge heat and messages A sharp step larger than "eating off" the enemy, at least on the likeness).

In the case of Opel Karl as a measurement and assuming that the Thread is made in the same model as the Opel Karl, the leather side's strengths strengths, the Apple CarPlay center console and the self-control steering wheel, mobile, multi-button, automatic fitting (for advanced) …

Fadil is also available in two versions using CVT behavioral luggage and five-speed handwriting (taxis). The Toy Car Wigo and Hyundai i10 are currently selling the best car department A. In terms of scenes, the two modules are not as strong as the Thread, but if there is a distance within Fadil as mentioned above, it will be the strength of the VinFast.

In strength, with the most popular place, Wigo is stronger than Wigo (1.4 liter capacity compared to 1.2 liters of Wigo). Vehicle safety features also cause cars as a Fadil competition, The sale of the car in the Vietnam market is very poor in the & # 39; This factor, which includes a & # 39; car in the area.

Coming out in & # 39; car market that is popular

In a recent interview, one of the best selling windows in the Vietnamese market said "Do not know what VinFast does"(.) It may be a social response, but it is a part of the current Vietnamese car market context.

Car manufacturers have been present in this market for a long time and have created their own centers to allow them to transport themselves with customers because they have little choice. Long-term sleeping may not require car manufacturers to increase competitors' rehearsals because they have a great deal of time. Most automotrists exhibit older model in & # 39; low cost.

As a result, the VinFast car may be due to the market because the goods car that has subsidy levels will be good, but so the customers are really aware of the fact that they are now. All cars in Vietnam must be considered as their business life.

Therefore, it is hoped that Vietnam's car market will develop a "healthy" way according to European standards or North American standards. Instead of buying cars, the comparison needs to be done by "the degree of subsidy periods, such as leann, for example, is too bad.

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