Best gift for Education teachers

Best gift for the teacher - picture 1

That is shared by Mrs. Nguyen My Hanh, teacher of Phuoc Thien High School, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai. Prior to this, Hanh was teaching a school in Hanoi. Many pupils have grown up and still have a congratulations at Vietnam's Day Tutor Day 20.11. But the students who are doing Hanh are doing; Memories of a very frightened lamentation.

"I remember to get a really happy student, going to class without copying, not listening to speeches, and # 39 Given your problem. The last score at the end of the class. I would like to say, if you do not investigate hard, do not work as a doctor or engineer because there is more hard work for money However, the game is sad, sad to make parents sad, to make fun games for people, because people can not learn. Then I put on jobs. Recently, I met him, now he married, he took a child and has a steady work. In total, he argued he remembered the teacher's teaching. Thanks So, he has studied hard on today's little success. That's really true for teachers, "she remembers Hanh.

The tutor Nguyen Thanh Hai, former President of Truong Dinh High School, Go Cong, Tien Giang, is the students who are harder, older than older, lively, polite and & 39; expressing gratitude to the teacher after years of meeting again.

"I remember that a student is doing a paper test, I'm getting caught up, remembering that I'm very confident, leaving a word But I was sorry that I had a nice attitude at that day. She returned to school to visit us when we had a chance, she said politically. children need to give this gift, do not expect the pupils to be a good character, they just hope they're human, "said Hai.

In addition, Hai remembers a student who was a student. investigating badly since he was a regular parent until once a morning. Every time I sleep, I'm too tired. Now he is a general manager of a fertilizer company in Longa. He visited the teacher each week and supported many scholarships for good students and school students.

At the same time, Mr Nguyen Pham Dai, Director of the Management Department at Binh Thanh District, HCM City, was not moved when many of the previous students returned to visit, " to show off "its performance. in the community.

"In terms of my name, I have a doctor, an engineer, a president, a court secretary … but it's important that their children are full of adults, adults and very good. To the doctor, I met a student student as a doctor. Since I taught thousands of children, I do not remember correctly, but my students lost a lot. She was dedicated to her & # 39 I guide myself through the procedures, and support me with the best situation. It's a bit of joy, but warm. As a teacher, how many times, but when it meets Again, the teacher does not watch, still remember and look after him, that is the most impressive gift, "Dai shared.

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