Bien Phuong won the story sharing story. Music Singer

5.6 this year, I am unfortunately to divide the negative view of the love story as it breaks up, and # 39; breaking, sometimes cracking crabs. At this time I think I'm an adult enough to do more advanced things, "said Bich Phuong singer about the change in the upcoming music.

Bien Phuong won the story sharing story

Recently, the singer Bich Phuong is on the song & Falling Baby Up & # 39; released with the second Dramatic Record. Both of these projects will also complete concerts of music series & # 39; Vietnam Vietnam during her time. The singer also has a time to change his style and profile in recent representations.

What causes Bich Phuong to completely change music management?

– I want to take part in my influence to spread audio to listeners, a good message about life. For 5 or 6 years ago, I put negative scenes on love issues such as scrapping, and # 39; break up, sometimes drag through. At this point I think I'm going to; grow enough to make more advanced things.

With this project I want to give the woman a picture of a very active woman in the picture; subject and giving positive thoughts about life; love.

Bu Phuong's music is often a new feeling but there is not much noise. Especially with the moment before launching its program, the "still standing" is a popular human profile, is it a PR method?

– Since then, I have never tried or tried to try people to; taking into account their materials. Most of my songs are hit completely. I do not use an aggressive strategy or communication, everything has been decided by the audience and this tour too.

It is not very expensive to change the image and make a picture drawing, but at this time I am more confident with myself.

Before that, I said that "Phuong Bich was never generous", because I was very confident with my body and I did not love myself. And now, when I turn on 30, I know how to take my own and be aware of my change, but I personally think it is not negative. Prophets do not die (laughter).

Ricky Bich Phuong made the change of the generic style, with "cheap" about 1 sculpture, how do you feel?

– When people accept the change of text; image because they are tired outdoors, but I do not personally. I want my image to become richer, it is not possible to change, and feelings express that I am beautiful and enjoyable to make a picture I do not know how it is and this problem. Also very aware of mention.

Many ideas that do not support Bich Phuong are so heavy, what are you doing? Think when the listeners think of those ideas?

– Once accepted as an artist, the power is in the hands of the audience. So express or express artist's demand is obvious and the artist must accept it. This is my personal idea, and I do not know about other artists.

Sometimes the audience's views are not really true and I do not really answer them. We should find another way to give the audience a confirmation. 1, 2 results, some pictures do not say anything. I am now confident that I'm on the right track.

What comments do Bich Phuong have on Facebook?

– I do not think it's a meaningful answer, I do Try to explain the audience. I usually used to explain illegal actions to my followers on Facebook. From the beginning of my appointment to the last person, I always maintained my opinion that it is to give respect to the audience. The view is that the rights of the spectators and the function of the respirator are to explain and write; confirm the audience rather than a response.

"Artists respond to the listeners when they feel uncomfortable that something is to be done"

Is Bich Phuong long-term career in his singing career?

That's right. I did not know how happy and happier my life was. Everyone, there's fun, but it's important to focus on where. At this time I focus on good things.

At this time, Bich Phuong is a singer with a lot standing poor and expensive, can she show her wealth after 6 years of singing?

Since I started with my professional singing career, my last goal is not how many houses and a big car. Many people may say that I'm lying, but the real motivation is to go to; becoming an artist for passion and singing and I want to prove myself.

Before that, I was not sorry to say that I always wanted to say to myself because it was a sad thing but now I do not say it's not bad.

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Bich Phuong said he's more confident that change is being made to think about it?

– I find myself more beautiful and more advanced. Although I know that these negative feelings have succeeded greatly. I have never denied what I did.

Many people say I'm slow in my position, but I do not. think that. If you want to succeed, you need to go through the stages and if you have the opportunity to start again,

Can you decide which best effect is; at your songs?

– I think there is sincerity and sincerity; love the audience. I am honest with myself and everyone. I have never been able to create a different value of myself.

So why Bich Phuong is always missing and does not have a & # 39; refers to his other half to the public?

– My own rules are also about stories related to music as a love. I can not answer an interview that was wrong, so I chose quiet. For the beauty of the queen was; I can use beauty to attract people, but I was a singer, and so I did. Thinking about the best songs to attract the audience.

With many successes, she always believes that she is a Sing for herself, not for the stream?

– I have never done musical projects according to their move, everything is done; come to it naturally. I can say "close my eyes to music lead" rather than tell other famous singers. I always look at other artists' activities in the showbiz but just to see; look, not to be horrible.

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