Boys questioned in the brain of Hanoi dead with her mother; sleep on his army

On the social network sharing a story about a boy in Hanoi who suffered a bad brain because his mother fell asleep, placing her hands for the reason she filled her people.

Information about social networks, N.N.A (4-year-olds, in Hoan Kiem, Hanoi) was divided into hospital in a state of emergency.

"It was only a minute when my mother fell asleep in the bed with my arm, which sent me to her body, 40 minutes to get her -mach … I was in hospital for a month, the pain of the lungs is stable but a dead brain, now a living plant … a hospital time has come back, a family is waiting to breathe …! ! "

In the case of N.A at Green – Prenatal Hospital, N.A gut asleepIn particular, he was a heart attacker; in the hospital in Cuba, 40 minutes back to her heart and was moved to hospital in a state of comfort, shock, on both sides of the 160l / p heart.

Children who receive mechanical ventilation, revival are good. After 25 days of treatment, the baby gets a mechanical ventilation, oxygen. However, brain screens produce brain crimes, multi-angular enterprises.

Today, November 19, N. A. was brought home with his family. However, many people still hope that the magic can be for the child.

Six years ago, in a 2-hour Child Hospital (Ho Chi Minh City) has also been a serious disaster. So, a 1 month child was brought to hospital in the state of apnea. The doctor indicated it Neonatal asphyxia deep due to lack of oxygen brain.

You are a woman from one hour from one of you from one of eight o'clock from one of her o'clock of one of her o'clock

Family members said, because children are too young and so parents will. sleep together to take care. But his father was asleep, and put his hands on his face.

It was only when the father awoke to awaken, and # 39; See her hands on her nose a month of age with a month. The child is moved as a result of his long term tension.

According to company. Professor Nguyen Tien Dung, Department of the Pediatrics, Ospadal Bach Mai, earlier, shows that many of the checks are carried out; show that the risk of children under 12 months is higher than when they are beding with adults.

Children who die in a & # 39; older group or lying on the stomach with things such as blankets or sleeping animals.

Things like hypertrophy are like the person who holds their arms, and chest in the nose, the stomach, the teddy … it has never happened.

According to the West Medical Council, infants need to sleep separately from adults with distances. Given that lungs are a very weak child, if they are awakening to adults, they can be easy to breathe in adult lungs, which may cause the child to swim or poisoned.

So, the doctor advised the child to enter the chot if sleeping in the room is quite wide and the baby needs to sleep 2 meters away from an adult.

If you sleep in your own room, you should check as a CCTV camera, walkie talkie, clock alarm for about 2 hours … to look / Milk has a problem or children, the adults will know.

According to Hong Ngoc / Giadinhmoi

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