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Buses are really "cool" burning to change electric vehicles: How can you handle?

In the case of what happened on the social network, the Ngo men set up Pretty (SN 1993, the nickname "Pretty" beautiful, a well-known character in the community network), who broke, fired the car, said a backing. Police have indicated that it is currently clear of the scrutiny process and first called it “cool”.

Forcible bike changes: How to handle? - Picture 1.

Photos Wu Ba Pretty beat, burning blocks from cuts.

Previously, on the social network the clip of Pretty spread "cool". In this extract, the young man complained of complaints about a boiler that took motorbike and took the car to the dam and burnt it. It is worth noting later that a "Pretty" advertisement appeared to sit on an electric bicycle.

According to the lawyer Dang Van Cuong, Head of Chinh Law Office Pap (The Hanoi Bar Association), according to civil law, individuals will exercise civil liberties according to their will, so they have total authority in possession of property. you have.

However, it is important to influence what situations in which the use of rights is property, where and whether it affects other people.

If an individual breaks and damages their means of travel without affecting others, it will not affect the general order, the conduct is correct and is not restricted or enforced allows him. However, if the vehicle is rented, lent or in possession of another property, the self-destructive may be investigated for the purpose of destroying the property or destroying the building; one thing.

Should the destruction and destruction of these buildings affect public order, it will impact on security, social order and safety; allowing for large traffic or lethal public activities to be dealt with by costs that run through a public order.

According to the Cuong lawyer, the reason is "Pretty" says that this young man has got an advert for help with an electric car company, in the framework of the "pushing program". electric carriages bikes ".

From a legal view, if the scooter video video clip breaks and want to make changes to Pretty B's electric vehicle, this person's own performance is his own carriage, and that is his own job t show. That person is his personal right.

However, if the individual does not carry the carriage, but the electric vehicle company does advertise for the electric vehicle, this carriage may be regarded as carriage. advertise for an unfair competition.

It is evident that this behavior has had a negative impact on young people, causing damage to property, poor buildings and the profile of other businesses.

If the authorities decide this is the case, it is likely that this industry will be treated in an unfair competition, as set out in Competition Law. Fines between VND 60 million and VND 80 million.

Earlier in the middle of March the Police Department was invited by the Police Department to make a record of controlling land transport on the Hanoi-Hai Phong main road.

In particular, around 9h16 on 7 March, Ngo Ba Pretty and a group of young drivers with cars number 30E – 114.23 and 99A -196.53 are parked in the Hanoi – Hai Phong railway crisis (Hanoi – Hai). . Then the group of people got off the bus and took pictures in the middle of the road.

By staying “cool” and then the VND 5.5 million fine, it was removed by a 2-month driving license.

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