Cambodia vs Laos matching 18h30 on 20/11 Cup 2018 AFF

Sealladh soccer Cambodia vs. Laos: 2-0

It is not expected that both Cambodia and Laos can be surprised in the album A. Laos was officially deleted, and Cambodia was lost, despite a # 39; still, but they have the chance to live theoretically (less than three, including Myanmar, Vietnam and Malaysia, 6 points). 2 matches are available).

In the period 2011 to 2015, Cambodia was not familiar with the drag and was lost to Laos, two losses included at the AFF Cup (0-1 and 2-3). However, over the last three years, the Pagoda football team started to go on to the # 39; community.

At the 2016 AFF Cup two years ago, Cambodia affected Laos 2-1. At a friendly hotel in March last year, Cambodia continued to 1-0 win on Laos playground. At the 2018 AFF Cup, which coach teacher Keisuke Honda is a most memorable left-wing than a Sundramoorthy coach.

The opening game, Cambodia lost to Malaysia 0-1. Four days later, almost not surprised at Myanmar, which was 1-0 in the first half. However, Cambodia finally let the enemy turn back pity. At the same time, Lao's more rock appeared weak.

After three tours, Laos had no game under 3 goals. In addition, Laos lost but lost away from 6/2016 to date (11 games apart), so Cambodia's ability is enormous.

– Both teams met 13 games, Cambodia won 5, 3 drawings, 5 lost.
– At the AFF Cup, Cambodia 3 won 2, lost 2, lost 3.

Cambodia vs Laos matched 18h30 on 2011 (Cup 201 AAF) 2

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