Car to Kia K900 blast prices in Korea, it's hard to play Germany, Japan. Motorbike for cars

The new Kia K900 has been officially named in North America and has been very disturbed.

Kia K900 blasting cars in Korea, it's hard to play Germany, Japan

Details of the K900 are named by Korean car companies since the beginning of the year, but prices in the international market have so far. So, the start-up price of up to $ 59,900 – a & # 39; Turn the K900 to the most expensive Kia car ever in North America. This figure is larger than the old K900 to over $ 10,000.

Kia K900 2019

Compared to the second expensive model (Optima PHEV – $ 35,290) and three (Soul EV – $ 33,950) of Kia, the K900 is nearly twice as high. Stinger or Cadenza prices do not match the K900, with just $ 32,900 starting.

Speaking too, again, even the K900 level is well equipped. The optional K900 VIP folder offers just a few enhancements such as a 12.3-inch panel, a 3-zone air relay or seating development.

However, this price also makes K900 hard to be & # 39; compete with competitors. The Acura RLX 2019 is costed at $ 61,900, but is slightly more expensive than the Korean one. Infiniti Q70 2019 starts at just $ 50,300. Lexus ES (US $ 39,600) is not GS (US $ 46,600) still under K900. Even the Class Mercedes-Benz sedan is only starting at $ 52,000. The Class S sedan has a starting price of $ 91,000, but this is really a "overkill" compared to the K900.

So, it's a question, if users have $ 60,000, they choose a "excellent" car from a brand such as Kia, or cars that prefer to go to; come from firm companies? High level before? Perhaps the answer is larger about "no".

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