Chao Xuan is singing with a wife as a Cultureman

Chieu Xuan returns to the small screen as a # 39; Miss Fang in the film Keep youngsters away, traveling at 21:50 on Monday, Tuesday every week, and # 39; starting on November 26, on VTV3.

Ms. Phuong found her husband's adultery, then she fell into spiritual distress, sometimes he wants to kill himself. "Sometimes, on the way home from school, I have not yet escaped the character of Phuong," said actor Xuan.


Ly Dieu from An, Huynh Anh as Phi

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Mr Hoang Hai plays Mr Hoai, the person who fell in love with her, causing his wife to go to her; breaking his faith. The marriage between Mrs Phuong and Mr Hoai is suspicious and causes an outcome later.

He asked if he had a problem when the person who was saying was a problem; Adagio, Hoang Hai, says: "It's not hard! Although this is a completely different place from the character of many posts before I've ever played." The Rival "is an actress Chieu Xuan in the American film, with the actor Thanh Tu.

Keep youngsters away Around its main characters is An, the lonely girl who has escaped from his mother (American) always pour out all the dangers her life. Instead of rent. Here, she slowly disappeared from her closed shell, and # 39; thanking his friends innocent and friendly.

The film also recorded the colorful features of An and Nam's first love, a neighboring man. Between a soul of lovely love, sweet friendship, Keep youngsters away There are special colors for marriages when love runs out of time. Then, the message, the secret, the tiredness that will be; make people always fall before they come wrong. Keep youngsters away He also brings the story to the missing flags, the jewel, sadness of youth.

The movie has been involved in young casting: Save The Ly, Manh Truong (South), Huynh Anh (Phi), Minh Huyen (Chau) …

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