Coach Joachim Low to talk about her & her; Germany vs. the Netherlands

Coach Joachim Low to talk about her & her; Germany vs. the Netherlands, although the tank attracts 2-2 competitors and Group A A team in the UEFA League, but the German teacher is still satisfied.

Germany is in the UEFA Nations Cup Cup Group

A German football has made a big disappointment in the 2018 World Cup, the car that despite the # 39; War II but the group did not succeed. They had only one advantage over Sweden but lost to Mexico and South Korea, the teams were ranked.

Coach Joachim Low to talk about her & her; Germany vs. the game of the Netherlands

Germany is in the Uefa UEFA League A Group

A failure in the & # 39; Russia's competition despite losing its & # 39; Joachim Low coach but also needs a lot of stress. The 58-year-old man is responsible for helping Die Mannschaft to play well after the 2018 World Cup, but unfortunately he did not leave the German NHM. feel satisfied.

The tanks play badly in the League of Nations Nations. On the morning, a & # 39; The game against the Netherlands in the last game in group A in this league in Germany. The 2-0 lead but the home side for competitors was 2-2 in the last 5 minutes.

In relation to the Netherlands for 2-2 to play at home, Germany has been disappointed to have a " Awarded in UEFA League Nations Nations Group. After a bad World Cup, Die Mannschaft continued a brutal challenge.

Joachim Low coach is still happy

Coach Joachim Low talk about the game Germany vs. the Netherlands, although the tank car is challenging the 2-2 and League Nations Nations Group Group Group Group A, but German staff still have a challenge. feel satisfied.


Coach Joachim Low

Coach Joachim Low talks about Germany

"I was a little disappointed with his / her profile, obviously that he played the Germans better and was worthy of winning against the Netherlands. But, a & # 39; look at the whole competition, I think we played more active in the 2018. World Cup. Germany has made progress but it is slow, At least we're going up, I think the team will play their best in the future ".

Timo Werner was sorry for pulling 2-2 against Holland: "It's a bad thing. We were all over control and we managed 2-0, but only 5 minutes We have attracted us to win it. I do not want to continue this in the future. "

Follow Toni Kroos on: "It was bitter that we could not win. Germany has the opportunity to raise the score to 3-0, but we can not take advantage and then we would have to pay. Indeed I can not be happy with the result. "

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