Coach Park Hang This warned Vietnam about the threat of Myanmar

At the moment, Myanmar is the largest team in the 201 2018 Couple, when the six points are with Vietnam Phone but, identify more objectives. This is the main point of the Park Hang Seo coach to explore the strength of the opponent in the Thuwana game pre-game news conference.

Coach Hang Seo said: "In both games against Cambodia and Laos, Myanmar has agreed, however, they have to win outdoor swimming. Do not forget, the team is the most scratched team in Group A ( 7 goals in two games). "

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Coach Park Hang This warned Vietnam about the threat of Myanmar

In addition, Vietnam's captain captain pressed Myanmar's risk in the last minutes. Seven Myanmar visits were played in the 2018 AFC Cup with six different players and six in the second half.

"Before Cambodia and Laos, Myanmar Myanmar has set three goals in a final 10 minutes. That shows the focus, as well as the fighting spirit of this team," – said Coach Park Hang Seo.


Park Hang Seo also refused to make special preliminaries about the game. However, the Cong Phuong leader said Vietnam Vietnam would be trying to get points on the Thuwana yard tour tomorrow.

If you've won the three points against Myanmar, Vietnam Phone will officially host tickets to the 2018 AFF Cup semi-final and almost certainly. bringing it to board. A. In the meantime, if one point won, Vietnam Phone will need only 1 point The Cambodian players are on the range at the end of the 24/9 opportunity to move on.

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