Cong Phuong & Aung Thu: Two talents, two versions

We have conducted a real survey in front of Thuwunna (Yangon) about the most popular player in Myanmar. Not everyone, Aung Thu was the most famous among the requested fans.

Thant Maung, "owner" Burmese restaurant retailer, said: "Most of the fans here just ask the Aung Thu shirt. It's a lot of idol and it helped I also have to sell clothes, and earn more.

After stopping the story, Maung put his arm down at his flag that hung outside his "shop" and gave him a clear smile. The headteacher said that he did not do wrong, asked a lot to buy the No. 10 shirt that Aung had to spend in Myanmar.

Myanmar is the hope of Aung Thu (No. 10)

For more information, I ask more people who are interested in football and Soe Mint is this time, a friend of Myanmar Football Association who used me. "In Myanmar, Aung Thu is one of the most prestigious stars. He plays a lot in Thailand but is not sure that Aung played or the audience's stress is too big."

I believe that an owner has a & # 39; shop, Mòine Soe and other supporters, as images of Aung Thu hang around the Thuwunna courtyard. Aung Thu's image panels, large-scale earners, for some companies, and the other used to advertise the AZ Suzuki Cup 2018 AFF show, the league will expect to "balance team "and add Myanmar to sell South-

Looking at Aung Thu, I thought suddenly about Chong Phuong. Why is Phoenix also the other player? I asked someone to do that. Aung Thu and Cong Phuong are the "star-star star" in the south eastern Asia, the day the U19 QG team flew in 2014.

At the Asian competitions held in the home of Aung Thu, he and his team "crazy" teamed for fans for U20 World Cup wins. Then Aung Thu was the best player of the U20 games in the Myanmar tournament in the world.

Cong Phuong is highly anticipated in Vietnam and so it needs a great deal of pressure from fans. Picture: Minh Tuan

When his peers were crowned, Cong Phuong had to return to Vietnam in tears. Over the past four years, Cong Phuong is now a star that is a star. expectations from Vietnam football as Aung Thu. On the other hand, Phuong was not allowed to spend a No. 10 shirt, which was regarded as a team center as Aung Thu.

In addition, Phuong's visit was not as successful as expected. Also in Thailand now, Aung Thu is the foreign star of the audience of the Golden Temple journalists and the public in the country. I'm delighted with our country fans, "Cong Phuong or Aung Thu are the" national players ".

On the way to the Azsuzupi Cup 2018, the two players are under great pressure and the fans expect. Perhaps, therefore, the line between "national players" and "idol rock" appears to be very weak for them.

Tomorrow night (20/11) on Thuwunna has been a game of two of the "teen" stars four years ago. I do not know how to bounce them, but if something is said, I'm going to; think that the words of inspiration are like: Come to my friend, I believe you are; do …

Hot boy & # 39; Myanmar will wear Longyi's clothes; hitting the streets

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