Cong Phuong is a good deal for Incheon United?

In particular, the sum that Incheon United is paying to Gia Lai for a loan to Cong Phuong for one year 150,000 of USD. Cong Phuong's salary is received from the Coirion team about 10,000 USD.

In addition to its rental and spot transport for Cong Phuong, Incheon United spent over US $ 270,000 (about 7 billion VND) for 1 year of Chong Phuong's service at a & # 39; this club.

The figure for Vietnamese football is not small, but for a professional club playing in the K-Korea League, not a big deal. , especially if it is compared to the values ​​of Chong Phuong Can this team be taken.

Cong Phuong is confident in the Incheon United shirt

First of all, Kong Phuong was renowned for Vietnam, once the No. 1 of a football football star. So, Cong Phuong, even in one season, has inherent concern to Vietnam fans and newspapers.

The evidence is that since Cong Phuong came to Incheon United in a long time, information about Chong Phuong in particular and the Incheon United club often appeared in Vietnamese newspapers, and b & # 39 ; this is a & # 39; The first benefit of the team was. Member of freedom for communication and image.

But for foreign professional clubs, the impact of the image often leads to financial success, thanks to Incheon United's gratitude; becoming more familiar every time, leading to easy-to-use commercial contracts. do more.

Secondly, in terms of knowledge, compared to a few seasons ago, compared to the first time out of the past few years and especially after the 2018 2018 and 2019 Cup Aim , Chong Phuong has grown considerably, much more useful. professional side.

Gia Lai HA players are now more flexible, stronger both physically and mentally. Cong Phuong's Bread; , who was on warming games for the new season at Incheon United, which promises a flat seating season for himself.

If Cong Phuong is a professional marker, he also Helps Incheon United for better image, commercially improved, this player has a useful season in Korea. In comparison, Incheon United will feel very well about the Cong Phuong contract.

Because, as announced, there are about 7 billion VND for a professional team in Korea that is not big enough, the money is not big enough to attract a well-known player, and help Incheon United to do it; market expansion in Vietnam. and southeast Asia, both able to professionally contribute, indeed, twin-three lines!

Kim Dien


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