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Greater than anyone else, businesses are the most famous people in the business environment of Vietnam over the years.

Improving business environment and business development. Photograph: Van Giap / BNEWS / VNA
Improving business environment and business development. Photograph: Van Giap / BNEWS / VNA

On November 20, in Hanoi, a Chamber of Business and Victoria Business (VCCI) workshop: "Demonstrating the implementation of Solution 19 and 35 on the development of environmental and business reform – Business view.
VCCI chairman Vu Tien Loc said VCCI, together with other social groups, had consulted people and initiatives to evaluate the quality of public services and the administrative reform of services and departments. At this time, VCCI and its organizations still have to implement these actions strongly.
The information from the report will add to the review of Resolution 19 of the Government in terms of continuing to & Achievement of key commitments and solutions for the development of a business environment, to strengthen national competitions annually. 2018 and subsequent years and Rule 35 of the Government regarding business support and development up to 2020, as well as information on the future drafting of future ambitions from the Government.
Mr Loc was hoping that the communities, authorities and branches would be able to do so; consultation on initiatives, and thus reviewing the reform of enterprise management procedures. VCCI is willing to cooperate with ministries, businesses and areas to continue to contribute to the future reform of Vietnam.
"More than anyone else, businesses are the best people in the business environment of Vietnam over the last few years, whether the administrative procedures are appropriate or not, whether the surveys whether or not the duplication is so different and what is the impact on a business solution, an effective legal process, … the campaign is known to us, "said Loc.
According to the VCCI survey, there are broader initiatives on finding out that the industrial investment environment in recent years has gone on significantly. However, the level of development is unfair across regions, areas.

The scope of the reform is still significant and more efforts are needed from the authorities, divisions and areas, but there is likely to be a long way to influence their business. The distance from the supportive policy to beneficiaries is still relatively long.
VCCI reported that it surveyed 10,000 private enterprises in various areas of Resolution 19. Therefore, the questionnaire raised its query for initiatives: initiatives have noticed improvements in 11 the department has Listed (10 poles of Resolution 19, in which the tax range is divided into taxation and social security).
As a result, it is a new business in assessing the two best areas and access to electricity. At the same time, it is estimated that there are no major developments in areas of exports, reservoir protection and corporate breach.
The positive general understanding of the 11 audited sectors may have a rough measure of the effort to achieve Resolution 19 at local levels.

So, its business community is in the & # 39; continent like Dong Thap, Da Nang, Binh Dinh, Bac Lieu, Can Tho, Vinh Phuc, An Giang and Long An. The division is the highest percentage of Delta Mekong respondents.
According to Mr Dau Anh Tuan, electricity is one of the two areas to evaluate businesses in Resolution 19.

Therefore, the approach and linking time has evolved significantly, from 6 steps, 115 days down to 4 steps, 31 days. Power infrastructure is considered to be the second best in Vietnam after a telephone network infrastructure. As a result, the strengthening of energy is greatly increased, and there is a lack of energy; reducing both times and times. In 2012 the power loss of 8,000 minutes / users is now 235 minutes / user.
From an industry perspective, EVN has said that EVN has changed over the last five years. of energy department staff and the active coordination of departments and cities in access to electricity access.
It aims to provide better, better and more peaceful technology services, as well as changing internal processes, changing staff awareness in the Group, EVN also proposes Ministers and branches that handle administrative procedures and their; recommend Regional Personnel Committees to be coordinated by EVN to develop the interface to provide services to customers.
According to Nguyen Dinh Cung, Director of the Central Institute for Economic Management, cutting down a business investment situation is one of the important actions that the Government is assigned to services in Resolution 19. This is an incredible step forward.
According to the Planning and Investment Ministry, by the end of October 2015, there were 15 orders in terms of reducing the position of industrial investment in business areas, construction, war rehabilitation and social issues. culture, sport and tourism, facilities and environment, agriculture, etc.
For some sovereignty, Rule 19 is first a & # 39; The overall operating quality situation of Vietnam's business environment in a similar context to the rest of the world.

This has a significant impact on the awareness of many leaders and state agency officials responsible for improving the national business environment. In addition, Resolution 19 has a set of comparable and comparable targets for ASEAN countries to help reform state organizations and reforms need to be more substantial.

Resolution 19 also affects its & # 39; reform process, and reducing the obstacles to achieving success.
At the same time, Rule 35 continues to & # 39; attracting attention to the various governmental levels of employment and the development of private enterprises in the country.

The state instead of direct management of state-owned enterprises, a tectonic support area, support for the development of private enterprises. Rule 35 also helps to & # 39; Creating a comprehensive co-ordination tool to support campaigns to activate & # 39; avoid breaking and trout as it was before.

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