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VnEconomy introduced the investment proposals and recommendations of some security performance companies on 20 November 1818.

In closing the trade session on 19/11, VN-Index gave more 17.87 points to 916.06 points. At the same time, the HNX-Index 0.93 points up to 103.95 points.

It seems to have continued

(Bao Viet Guarantee Sharing Company Company – BVSC)

"The index may continue to host their case in the next few days, but it's likely that their market will be under pressure after the strong rally today. . areas 927 – 934 and 880 – 885 ".

Revival as a result of fascinating insights into investors

(Bank for Vietnam Investment and Development – BSC)

In the morning session, the VN-Index was changing and a & # 39; Many stock in banks such as TCB, CTG, VCB and blue-chips: GAS, MSN, VRE and HPG. Follow the VN-Index to expand, especially VIC and VPB win to the border, and # 39; Strongly attracted markets, even though foreign investors still have a " sales of web merchants and market vulnerability was still low and slightly below market. session last week.

In the opinion of the BSC, the market grew rapidly in the & # 39; The first trading session of the week is a hopeful hope from investors such as promotional news as President Trump does not pay taxes as well as imports from China and the VIC Car and telephone line. "

Purchase of purchase boundary

(FPT Trust Joint Share Stock Company – FPTS)

"The session was a positive revival and the VN-Index came quickly to the target of 915-917 points as measured last week, where the indication clearly indicates that the fishing number of applications lowest market entry. The stock contained in the article, in particular the stock that fell as a VIC and VPB.

This move is positive and it can be a good start because Bluechips is always the main driver on the up side. However, we also note that the most important things behind are that the cash flow is out of sight.

Before improving clarity and the indication that an active demand is ongoing, investors should be careful with a high level of price in the session, and restricts buying and selling. If an event could be enhanced by weakness to be & # 39; Going back, investors can take advantage of trading activities to reduce the cost of capital with their available ports. "

There is not enough to verify the move that is in. market opening

(Viet Sec Securities Corporation – VDSC)

"Although the two indexes are coming back, but the sign is not enough to confirm that their market is upgraded and the revival range continues to include technical restrictions in decline. Therefore, investors should focus on risk management in this time and limit restrictions. "

A new revival race was created

(Vietnamese VCSC Trust Share Stock Company)

"Short-term technical indicators of stock recordings have come forward quickly." VN-Index and HNX-Index exceeded the MA10 and MA20 short-term attendance at 913 points and 103.5 points. Technically, from the negative to prove, the VN30 signal was developed for a short time when it closed near the MA20 strike at 889 points.

Therefore, the market has made a clearer indication of the underlying and the creation of a revival race. We expect this rally for the VN-Index in the 5-10 upcoming sessions at 950 points, although the increase can increase at 925-930 points.

The chance of this rally will happen very quickly because the cash flow is included in the extreme drainage, so that midcap and penny resources are usually better on non-compliance. VN target. "

Confirmation of opposition at 920-925

(Saigon – Hanoi Securities Share Stock Company – SHS)

"The market had a strong positive session to revive much of blue stocks, especially VICs and some banking stocks, but the lion declined compared to Friday's session and It is lower than the average of 20 sessions, which shows that the cash flow is still aware and that developments in the indigenous market are shown in the This prospectus also. In the next trading session, VN-Index can continue to rise and review the face between 920 and 925 points.

Investors should be able to prevent high-quality purchases and prices; maintain a healthy stocking scene at this stage. For investors with a high degree of resources, they should keep up with the rally to reduce the stock view. "

Security companies notified by VnEconomy are only marketed but valid as information source. Security companies may have a rivalry with investors when they make a judgment.

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