Dam Dam Phuong Vu, Mr Dam, said: "The west is more patriotic"

Tuesday, 11/20/2018 11:02 AM (GMT + 7)

Mr Nochd Phan is open to Skye. She also said that female men are more than Vietnamese men.

Before entering "The Voice 2015", Phượng Vũ has drawn attention to the social network called "just girls eating sing". She went to Dam Vinh Hung.

Although Phuong Vu stopped early in singing Vietnam, but she was a minister … Say goodbye, your company was invited. Over the last two years, the girl born in 1988 is "lost", but only the show's run by "King of Vietnam music".

Recently, in a final game, Phuong Vu's growth was focused when it was 2m abroad, recommended to the platform. This is the first time audiences know the picture of MrDam's love, because she was pretty quiet.

Mr William married the person who was 5 years old, and showed 2m above:

Fiancé wants to marry Phượng Vũ on television.

The journalists are able to meet Phượng Vu and his fiancé Jordan Baumgartner (25 years old) in Saigon. It is not scared for the couple to bring their feelings towards people. The singer showed that foreign brothers gave her a strong, confident feeling. At the same time, Jordan Baumgartner is funny: "Vu is a big girl in Vu".

A walk beside him was not a person; worried

– His lover is currently hosting a French telecommunications company in Vietnam and with a share company. Some ideas that I am fond of due to material. What do you say?

– In my opinion, this is just right, wrong. I am an active singer in finance. My income is enough for me to have a quiet life, to travel …

However, if I say that I am married because it is not a proprietor of the estate company, not because it is successful, it's good to tell lies. Not only of myself, any woman, especially women of age, wants to be a full-fledged, successful and capable person to protect me.

Indeed, if the economist is not, it will not cover and pack it; cover her sweetheart. I want to marry a man when they are married, they must have a head. I did 1 dong, at least I needed to make 3 dong. So, their family life balance and respect each other. That is my own perspective.

Mr William married the person who was 5 years old, and showed 2m above:

At the age of 30, Phuong Vu recognized the need for a successful, economical.

– The model of successful Vietnamese viruses, a good economic and a giang as she wants well. Why did not you choose a foreigner?

– Before that, I had a first love of 8 years. It's Vietnam. So I have a lot of knowledge for Vietnamese men, as well as many lessons for myself.

During the show, I'm sorry to remove the page until I play. So I met Jordan Baumgartner, a tall, lively man. He came with you, he came to my place too.

When I met at first, I was very pleased with her height and there should be an active beauty to find out. I introduced it as a singer. Come again, ask me, he is a singer; in a singer? (smile).

Then we will interact with each other through social networks and we will; emerging arises from emotions and we decided to learn. Throughout her love, we need to go to; challenging challenges such as language, culture, height …

– Do you think it's good or unfair to your 2m lover; height?

It is a benefit that I am under protection. Where there are high people and so there is no peace of mind on anyone who disturbed bullying. Get something high I do not have to be up.

It is an impairment that I have always had to spend high spending. Walking by side, sometimes people can only see it but they will not see it. Every time he disturbed him, he said he tried to kiss and was angry. I do not know what I do because there is no seat to stand to kiss (laughter).

Mr William married the person who was 5 years old, and showed 2m above:

Charity on the west side is 2m, Phuong Vu said about the benefits, both damaging.

– Depending on yourself, there are different points between Vietnam boys and boys?

– I personally know that there are many points between the Western boys and boys. Like my husband, in terms of appearance and health, he was more prominent, stronger and more economical.

By sharing work in the family, Western men have a share more, because they believe their duty is to be done. He does not matter what he was going to do to make money, he went home and let his wife put in to do that. They need to wash the lines, clean their houses, wash their clothes … and they are happy to do so. At the same time, Vietnam men share their housework with smaller women. They think this is a job; wife. Even sometimes you're happy, do not be happy, you do not, worse than you do.

On the economy, when I love, the men of the West when love is very good. They may be drunk to water, go to eat, and drink; going to play, they both share money. Vietnam, they can pay, very clean.

But when I'm married, my thoughts are like the men of the West as well as my father. This is the same as Vietnamese men.

In addition, there are more relationships, friends, working for the West men, and sometimes they will go out with their friends to leave them alone and enjoy them.

But with Vietnamese men, the more you can get at the time where you can tell your wife, very good.

The most important thing is for me to choose a man of the West man when the conflict between his & her; couple, they are very calm, sit down the question of the key where it can solve. They were very spectacular about the bed, their relationships, the work was so open. At the same time, Vietnamese men are sometimes difficult to share with each other and therefore processes are not processed, which are adversely affected.

In addition, when I enjoy the people of the West, feel more respected by the way they express themselves. Women who are often liked to be sweet and romantic. This is bigger than Vietnam.

Mr William married the person who was 5 years old, and showed 2m above:

According to Phuong Vu, the men of Vietnam and Vietnam have many different.

– How to share, do you & # 39; See Vietnamese men personally lower than all the West men?

– In my opinion, everyone has his own. For such a saying it is not right, because there is life, there is one, the other. I do not speak a personal idea, not "holding the hand".

Personally, I'm open, so I'm liked to the West men because of the character, and # 39; share more aspects of life.

Indeed Vietnamese men themselves are fascinating. Song song "Buddha temple can not be saint," I have not found.

I am comfortable to make bridesmaids in the western family

– Many say that she is a big man to support what she should play? What can you see?

– Obtaining one or not, the woman also needs financial independence. The thing I enjoy is not the responsibility of her husband. I still need to sing, to & # 39; make money … so when you want to go out, instead of asking for a finance person.

It has my own financial security for my body and when I need it.

If I rely on others, I do not think my person will be able to. respect me. He also gave me singing. He said, "Do whatever you want, and you're happy." I'm glad to hear.

– Making foreign family maids, are you ready?

– The men of Iran or Vietnam have a vision when they marry, and they are the family who donates the world. West men are not married only when they are going to marry them; feeling strong, not with parents.

I'm very comfortable with my husband's family. He does not need cooking, cooking, for his family's service … When I have a free time, I can do housework. When busy, I can work on my own. The house does not belong to anyone, and members of the family are accountable.

The emigrants of a spouse, son-in-law do not have the idea. Give them, when they go home together, they will see each other as family members, without discrimination, to cure.

Mr William married the person who was 5 years old, and showed 2m above:

The singer is comfortable when making a thriving man's house.

– Mr. Play calm and supportive. But her name is unclear. Are you sorry about this?

– I learned many things from Hung. He also sent me a call and gave me the relationship, which helped professional development.

Next year, I'm out of contract with your Hung Company. I am now "full of feathers, wings," and so I want to hang my own feet.

In fact, my job has not been slower because I'm going on a platform, aiming to make a lot of money without raising the profile and new music.

Coming up, I did not go out on the so large water & # 39; and I was building a new Phoenix.

Mr William married the person who was 5 years old, and showed 2m above:

The first birthday of Mr Recently.

Cat Phuong is a wife who does

The Nguyet and the bin bin Duong have confirmed that Cat Phuong and Kieu Minh Tuan are still not married.

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