Deaths of case 6 were drowned: A poor home on Tet holiday grew a great day for ever

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Returning to the town of Binh Dinh Nam and the communities of Binh Dinh (Thang Binh district, Quang Nam division), the Year of the Year appears to have been; Now happy, instead that's a "funeral" funeral of student groups. Level 9 died from drowning.

On February 9, Tran Thi Thuy's Hungarian family (Hung Hung Town, Nam Binh Dinh societies) – one of 6 students drowned on the Binh Minh beach, which killed Binh Minh, Thang Binh area. The pain of the pain that brought home was a busy day ago with laughter and friends Thuy a & # 39; coming to New Year.

Poor home, white tweed

Ms. Le Thi Phuong (Thuy's mother) sits on the ground crying without words. Ms Phuong said, "She's a very difficult girl; in Thuy, who surveyed well for 9 years after each other. Before the crash, Thuy his family promised the next year to try her contest for a Quang Nam Specialized School, but now …

Case 6 of students drowned: Poor home on a day-to-day heat holiday mourning - 1

Binh Dinh is a poor little town It's a day of sadness in Nam Tet.

"My family is poor but I do not let my child go to school. How much hope and trust put the whole family into Thuy's grandchildren. Now leave my husband and his wife , leave my family forever. Why is my life so hard? "Mrs. Phuong hissed.

A neighbor of the Thuy family said: "Thuy's mother has just been born, full of months just 10 days old, but now her daughter has not yet been left to leave her parents all the time. .. ".

Case 6, students were drowned: Poor home on a day-to-day heat holiday mourning - 2

Phiong Ms – Thuy's mother could not go to her; She recovered her tears when she saw her daughter forever leaving at age 15.

Next to Thuy, Nguyen Van Y (15 years old) is the home of a student student.

The Italian family house is a 4-star, which is in the middle of a grazing field, Italy is the youngest son in the family with 7 brothers and sisters. This grandmother had a small granddaughter that smoked. The Italian grandmother died less than a year, today, the other altar family founded for this male student.

Case 6, the students were drowned: Poor home on a day-to-day heat vacancy - 3

The father of Italy was unhappy with his son's coffin.

Miss Nguyen Thi Tu (Italy's mother) could not believe her when she got the news about her son's inflammation and death. She jumped on her, always crying her name: "My son, my son, has no crime …".

Sitting in front of the house, Mr Nguyen Van Hoang (Italian father) could not speak, just for a minute, he lifted his eyes to look at his son and his son; go into your tears.

"Yesterday (8.2), when Italy asked all the family to go out to play in the same class, everyone thought that boys out for a visit. Without anticipation, in the evening, the whole family heard the bad news about their son. Why does the gloomy person steal my son so tolerant … ", he hated Mr Hoang.

Case 6, the students were drowned: Poor home on a day-to-day heat vacancy - 4

Families and neighbors will come to feel sympathetic and emotional. supporting their families to take funerals in care.

Tran Thi Phong (68 years old, Italian doctor) said that Italy is a good and calm child, a good and good student for many years. "Italy is the uncle of Italy, yesterday, Italy went out with friends, he welcomed me, but in the evening I heard a bad news about Italy. It was a heartbreak …" , Mrs. Phong sent your tears.

Students are good at age 15

Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thuy (a homeroom tutor at Nguyen Duy Hieu High School) to each house to encourage and comfort his family. She could not. Thuy to keep tears when the class 6 lost a good student.

Case 6: Drowning student: Poor home on a day-to-day heat vacancy - 5

Try Silverhead again in the blue head, they will leave forever at 14, 15.

"My heart is broken when my companions left so tough. Before Tet, the school also liked students who did not go out in dangerous places, but …", Thuy cried.

Case 6 of students drowned: Poor home on a day-to-day heat holiday mourning - 6

Miss Thuy Ms. when she lost 6 good students.

On the same day of the disaster, Mr Dinh Van Thu – Chairman of the Quang Nam Provincial People Committee visited the families of the victims. Mr Thu concluded: "This is a huge loss for family and friends as well as the school where the victims are attending. It hurts when things are going to hurt it; happening on the first day of the new year. "

Deaths of case 6 were drowned: Poor home on a day-to-day heat vacancy - 7

Mr Dinh Van Thu – Chairman of the Quang Nam Provincia People Committee and the families of the victims.

Mr Thu also said: "The People's Committee has led the rescue campaign to actively seek the victims of the victim. We feel sympathetic and confident. shared with the loss of families of the victims, in the coming days, the House People Committee is supporting each family has 5 million dong deaths, and I instructed the Quang Nam General Hospital to Bringing emergency medicine to the victims of Nguyen Hoa Ngoc Anh, the victims of Britain who were involved in swimmering and saving the people in a state of emergency ".

For information, in the evening of August 8, Nguyen Duy Hieu (Binh Dinh Bac commune, Thang Binh district) is a group of students at 9th grade inviting each other to sea in The Binh Minh was at Take a bath and take a reminder.

During the sport, the students were swept away by the waves, causing 6 drowning students.

List of victims:

– Death: Tran Thi Thuy; Tran Le Ly Na; Pham Thi Thuan (with Nam Nam Binh Dinh); Nguyen Van Y (living in the Hung Loc town, Nam Binh Dinh societies).

– Miss: Mai Van Cong; Nguyen Duc Hoang (Bac Binh Dinh).

– Ambulan: Nguyen Hoa Ngoc Anh. Le Van Duy Khanh (Binh Dinh Bac commune) is in an important situation and allows to go home.

Case 6 of students drowned in Quang Nam: Fate photoshoot

The members of a family of students who were drowning forever in a few years ago; steal six life pain and describe his & her; minute …

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