Decoding Thai and AK9 & # 39;

Tuesday, 11/20/2018 01:13 AM (GMT + 7)

After he was assigned six goals against East Timor to help Thailand affecting 7-0 and a point against Indonesia in a 4-2 co-operation over 17-11, Adisak Kraisorn was hit by the Thai press as "AK9" (short name + number of Adisak shirt).

For Thailand, although there are not four stars that compete abroad, it is still considered to be a difficult candidate to cast out.

Decoding Thai and AK9 & # 39; - 1

"AK9" and its partners make a new life of Thai football. Photo: NEWS AFF

The four main aims of Thailand were identified in a wide range of Indonesian objectives, from the direct visit to Pansa to allow them to access individual technical skills and face-to-face form.

Because there is no strongest force to defend the fight in three seasons afterwards, Thailand is attentive. Their awareness includes both the secret and confidentiality of the new person.

AFF Cup 2014 Thailand Cup Watch as the West team, as the players are above 1.8 m. They played a simple but very dangerous way to play. play in the scoring.

If the former AIF Cup has been the leader of Canopy Thailand is more member of the ball to keep the ball a mixture of long-range bars or displays from the center of its accuracy, AFF Cup Cup Thailand from a European team. The players will continue to play; lower wall, move significantly, lower pulse. They do not have their most important personality, but power is a genuine innovation, rather than an individual. Rajevac has designed a new play for Thai team and is considered more serious.

Even "the AK9" marked seven goals in both games too that their & # 39; appear better than the team. This is just the highest player and closer to the keeper, and usually has targets from "cleaning".

The game ab & # 39; Prevent Indonesia is the best game since the beginning of the season. They are rich in strength, blood and fire … but against Thailand in the evening 17-11, they will "hit the" batteries "and lose both in speed and a dispute both in terms of general coordination.

Thailand may be present at this AFF Cup and # 39; looks very handsome, tall but playing with lots of pieces. They play slowly, quickly, and the goods face is also perfect and dangerous in scoring; come from the mix. It is also possible to say that the Rajevac coach has been restrained after the last run.

In fact, in the game, Indonesia lost either 2-4 of the night 17-11 Indonesia or Thailand is not as spectacular and as wide as possible.

Coach Indonesia: a campaigner from Thailand, not Vietnam

Indonesia coach, Bima Sakti, recognizes the strength of Thailand.

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