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Different players in the U20 Vietnam World Cup and Myanmar

The current 2020 U20 World Cup players currently incorporate Vibo at the 2018 AFF Cup, with Bui Tien Dung, Dinh Trong's national defender, Defender left Doan Van Hau, mid-player Quang Hai Two percentages, Duc Chinh and Tien Linh.

The players won a series of football games in Vietnam in 2018, which included an Asian Asian U23 award early in the year and fourth in ball football for men in the middle the year.

The promotion of Quang Hai, Van Hau, Duc Chinh, Dinh Trong, Tien Linh … are also very similar. After the U19 2016 Asian Cup (the undergraduate results), those players will participate in the U20 World Cup in 2017, and shone in U23 Asian and Asian Games this year.

Quang Hai is becoming increasingly promoted in a national team of Vietnam shirt (picture: Xuanzang)

Quang Hai is becoming increasingly promoted in a national team of Vietnam shirt (picture: Xuanzang)

Quang Hai is the seat of his brother Kong Phuong or Thanh Trung in the national team in the past years, now the number 1 of Vietnam's team choice, affecting Qing Trung from the AFF Cup 2018 customer service list , as well as the conquest of the Congo as the biggest player in the national team.

And it is now estimated that a Quang Hai trip as well as the situation and situation of Quang Hai is a great, a gamble player; appearing with professional abilities, living on her; top due to professional abilities. South Westerly

Tran Dinh Trong and Doan Van Hau did the same thing at the back. They are not the best choices in the team, but now they are the most important players.

Nguyen Tien Linh is not the opponent in opposition to anything made by the World Cup companies in 2017 U20 in 2017, but Tien Linh also shows clear eyes and the lack of key players in national team. As the team is available in England and England is very good and very difficult, not because of Linh's poor.

In contrast, after having the opportunity to attend the U20 2015 World Cup, a generation of prestigious Myanmar football players do not; very much.

After the U20 World Cup three years ago, the Aung Thu, Sithu Aung, Maung Muang Soe, Maung Maung Lwin … won the final matches of the SEA Games in 2015 in Singapore.

However, it is a game that has lost a long way from Thailand, and after its coins at SEA Games in 2015, Myanmar continues to be unfair at the next SEA Games (2017), as well as the centralization of the AFF Cup in 2016.

The problem of Myanmar football for the last few years is unknown to how they use their knowledge; at the generation of previous players. Often when a generation of players emerged, expressing a bit, Myanmar football regularly most of the old generation, & # 39; supporting teams for the next generation.

As a result, the Myanmar player has not taken over, and the generations of players are constantly re-instilling in lack of knowledge, lack of senior management.

There were occasions when some of the Vietnamese football leaders made the same mistake, like the fish to bring an international mission to Cong Phuong and his companions in recent years. Unfortunately, the warning from many generations made this wrong thing impossible, and Vietnam's football returned to a more reasonable attack before the successes of talented players. Together, help the young players grow!

Kim Dien

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