"Disease achievement is getting worse"

For a female student in 9th in Phu, Hung High School (The Thi-Hung Yen) was taken down by five pupils, brutally beating Mr Dang Hoa Nam, Director of Children (Labor Ministry) – War and Social Affairs: From this event, the Board of Directors, teachers and particularly teachers of home have poor interest, experience and child protection skills.

Also according to Mr Nam, the information presented in the National Children's Exchange 111, as well as the media report, is very clear that the event is not new but has happened several times.

The girl's lassies in the 9th that were sheared and threshed: the disease made things worse - 1

Mr Dang Hoa said their performance presents a serious problem for school violence.

“Through many issues, even through research in routine cases as well as statistical research, the current trend is for classes for performance diseases, so when it comes to finding things often they want to keep them for settlement. , it is not co-ordinated with external agencies, including support centers for child victims, as well as their legal agencies to take steps to provide the verification, investigation and interpretation. or take steps Because I wanted to keep it inside, when it was found, the event was late, and a problem was more problematic when there was a problem associated with performance t "- said Mr Nam.

Referring to the fact that the female student had been defeated in the 9th stage, Mr Nam said, at the moment, that the Children's Department has passed Alt 111 to connect with him. Labor, War Owners and Social Affairs Department of Hungary to co-ordinate coordination. education to protect victims.

“The child was taken to Tumor Psychology Hospital for treatment. When the child got a psychological “uprising”, he may have to find experts to find him better and go back to him. If this is a good service in Hung Yen, he will be contacted for long-term treatment for that child, ”said Mr Nam.

From this event, Mr has included the knowledge and skills of Phoenix Workers and Board of Directors in a child protection case.

In the long term, Mr Nam said that another method of education is still slow, consultation and school psychology, this is an effective way for the school to prevent and locate problems in the relationship between students and students, and Teachers and other students in the educational environment can take early prevention and prevention measures. At the moment, this work is more natural for the education industry.

Mr Nam said in the future, that the Labor, Victims of War and Social Affairs minister will co-ordinate with the Education and Training Minister to organize a conference to clarify the module and to make it clear. solutions to preventing school violence. Developing school psychology, school counseling.

Prior to that, as stated, March 22, N.T.H.Y. (SN 2004, 9 degrees Sons High School, Ui – Hung Yen) was brought out by 5 same class students, producing brutal video and video shooting at Phu Ung High School.

Mrs Y explained that she was often tempted by a group of fellow students and also when the home teacher was familiar. In particular for Mr Y's case, which was taken away from school uniform and removed, the home teacher also received a message.

Nguyen Duong

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