Drama War PSG Liverpool, Juventus – A great deal of dream dreams early


Monday, 26/11/2018 17:40 PM (GMT + 7)

The results of this European League League promise to be very intense and stimulating with the most important part of the PSG transition. At the same time, the early door in the eighth visit does Juventus no MU, …

Watch the Ronaldo video that was written, describing its & # 39; 50th anniversary of Juventus: (Copyright with FPT):

PSG and Liverpool will decide: Part 2 of the action film

The most spectacular game 5th round of the Welsh League The next step is definitely the joy of Prince Charlie's Park when hosting hospitals from PSG to Liverpool Europe is currently.

Group C is now the favorite board when the four teams still have the chance to win one of the two tickets to the next round. Napoli and Liverpool were ahead and came second by 6 points but they only had one point behind PSG and Red Belgrade.

European First League: Liverpool PSG, Juventus - Much to dream early tickets - 1

Liverpool won the 3-2 PSG at Anfield and it will be very obvious when it's again a French tournament

At home, Liverpool Anfield, despite the main PSG to 2-0, but played "Bràadad Dearg" bilingually and equals. May for "The Kop" was the most important thing of Roberto Firmino when he came to the " bench to help the Merseyside team to hit 3-2 hard.

The next transition between PSG and Liverpool in Paris promises to be a "superhero action film"; with his & hers; thrown and not understandable. The two teams need to win if they do not want to stop and allow competitors such as Naples and Star Star Belgrade ahead of their final.

Juventus, MU waiting "hand in hand" into a hilly walk

0-0 losing the United States to Crystal Palace this weekend and continuing to & # 39; immersion in the Premier League. But, in the European League, in the latest three-week game, "Reds" is on the # 39; won over Juventus 2-1 in Turin.

In Group H, United and Juventus have devolution both because the two teams play at home; twelve. Le Juventus, they are a wonderful form when Cristiano Ronaldo's Mario Mandzukic "duel" sings well over the weekend in the Serial A against SPAL and just ahead of Valencia on Allianz. Old Turin "tickets are going on.

European League: Liverpool PSG, Juventus - Much to dream early tickets - 2

Ronaldo will not forget to forget the red card when the same Juve gu Valencia

With United teacher, Jose Mourinho will definitely get tickets to about 1/8 The European League This season if Old Boys wins Old Trafford, long as Valencia will drag or lose Juve. This is the ability in the first leg, "Red Devils," although he played in Switzerland but Manchester United 3-0 red wins defeated.

Manchester United has not reached the top of their board if they hit Young Boys, although Juve did not reach Valencia, but Jose Mourinho did not love him. Sixth in Spain.

Real-time Rome: When the King is unsure

The "Honeymoon" between Real Madrid and the Santiago Solari coach seems to have come to an end when they lost the 0-3 Eibar in La Liga. In the European League G Group, in the middle of this week's game, the "White Vulture" must be a guest at Olimpico to address AS Roma in the context of the two 9 pound teams. CSKA had four points for Moscow and did not have to meet with Viktoria Plzen but was officially eliminated. The winners in Rome will have tickets, but if Real and Roma and CSKA Moscow have defeated Viktoria Plzen, the final decision will come.

Man City, Bayern carefully cares for the highest place

Barcelona is the only team to win tickets early to go to the next round The European League This season just after her fourth visit. At the moment, also in Group B as a Barca, the conflict in the next race between Tottenham and Inter Milan.

At the Wembley Stadium in London, where Tottenham has just dropped Chelsea 3-1 in a good game over the weekend, people wait to see how Inter Milan is going to play. influencing the "The Blues" crash.

The Italian side has proven for themselves in front of Tottenham in the first step, and # 39; draw Barcelona in the last round, but in the # 39; Spurs case as a Saturday, not surprisingly waiting for Inter. If Tottenham is avenging, the two teams will continue to reveal; Competitive to the last round in Group B.

The unacceptable situation can also be held in Group E and F. Bayern Munich is not made in Bundesliga and can be able to lose the top of Group E to Ajax if "Gray Lobster" is a drag or drop Call Benfica, as long as Ajax won the all-star team at AEK Athens.

Similarly, while the City of the F Group management with 3 points is larger than the number of the Lyon 2 team, but the situation of the two teams can be restored in the fight in France when the teacher is Pep Guardiola.

In Etihad's home, the Green Person suddenly lost 1-2 and if he disappeared in the Lyonnais Olympics Park, the defense campaigns in England will lose the highest point due to bad adverse "Lion River Rhones" criteria (criteria A first place where the second team identifies.

Schedule of a fifth tour of the Welsh League this season:

Table A:

0h55, 29/11: Atletico Madrid – AS Monaco

November 3, November 29: Borussia Dortmund – Brugge Club

Group B:

November 3, 29/11: PSV – Barcelona

3:00, 29/11: Tottenham – Between Milan

Table C:

3:00, 29/11: PSG – Liverpool

November 3, November 29: Napoli – Red Star Belgrade

Table D:

0h55, 29/11: Lokomotiv Moscow – Galatasaray

November 3, 29/11: Porto – Schalke 04

Table E:

0h55, 28/11: AEK Athens – Ajax

November 3, November 28: Bayern Munich – Benfica

Table F:

November 3, November 28: Lyon – Man City

November 3, 28/11: Hoffenheim – Shakhtar Donetsk

Table G:

0h55, 28/11: CSKA Moscow – Victoria Plzen

3h00, 28/11: AS Roma – Real Madrid

Table H:

3:00, November 28: MU – Young Boys

3:00, 28/11: Juventus – Valencia

Heavenly and real black nose: Ronaldo, Ramos gruamach behaviors

Real Madrid has been involved in the tough test that is suspected of 2017.

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