"Each Vietnam family car VinFast is"

The cars were equal

A 10,000-kilometer drive from Paris to Vietnam, The first two cars of VinFast LUX A2.0 and SUV LUX SA2.0 with small villah Fadil vehicles and a model of Klara electric vehicles that were present at the park. Thong Nhat (Hanoi), ready for a major opening ceremony in Vietnam.

In this special show, VinFast will open the eScooter Klara model, and it also will Recording three models of the car with a delivery time in 2019. In the history of a manufacturing industry in Vietnam, this may be For the first time, a automaker from Vietnam has a " Introducing the range of latest public resources and ordering materials.

According to Mr Nguyen Manh Thang, General Director of Vincom, VinFast's confidence does not come from the financial strength of Vingroup, as VinFast's investment is not high compared to other global businessmen. big.

"The most important thing here is that they understand their car-making process, and understand the minimum steps. So they can record the" shorten the time, creating a record that has never been previously seen in the world car industry and ensuring the highest level. Not only does this mode a & # 39; shows the bad problem, but also very smart, "Thang analyzed.

From strong, strong SUV LUX SA2.0; sedan LUX A2.0 luxury, class; Vinil's young, dynamic, fascinating, modern, detailed, deep, fascinating, fascinating, creating the complex materials of the world's car-saving industry, with a series of names VinFast's value chain is built and owned by BMW, Bosch, Siemens, AVL, Magna, Pininfarina.

It was not a disaster; , at his first exhibition at the Paris Motor Show, the world's leading car show, The first two prototype pairs at VinFast, LUX A2.0 and SUV LUX SA2.0, A compliment from a car and global friendship community with a variety of words such as "brilliant", "excellent", "class", "top" …

Today, these products will be officially introduced to Vietnamese people, the first to know the Vietnamese brand, brand and fashion VinFast brand.

VinFast will affect its & # 39; Vietnam

After 9 years of campaign Vietnam people will Prioritizing the use of Vietnamese materials, with the efforts of the business community, the products made by domestic enterprises are better and better and better design. Competitive, attacking and hosting. confidence for users.

Not to stop these successes, many businesses, including VinFast, change to meet the needs of users who are in a position. ever more sustainable and marketplace in the & # 39; movement in global marketing and competition. South Westerly

"I like the way VinFast cars work. Make the right stocking, just go to the high level with your resources and work with the giants. The way Vinfast has shown is interconnected. , launched at a world-renowned car manufacturers in the world and in the world to recognize its materials, its motto. Now VinFast is launched in Vietnam , I am very supportive, "said Deputy Congress of Yang Transport China.

When VinFast was launched, Quoc even wants the slogan "To use Vietnam's priority to use Vietnam products" due to a VinFast story, Vietnam's businesses will now impact on its & # 39; Vietnam and consolidate VinFast so before you make the world market fuel.

Not only that, the original VinFast success also helps to & # 39; to quench doubts about being able to realize chattels on Vietnam's campaigns as Dr. Mai Liem Truc, former Deputy Minister for Information and Communications "I never thought I could do a car. Although the target for automobile and automobile industry in our country is not high but there is no It was still done. But, seeing the appearance of VinFast cars, I was very awful and moved. The main partners have been involved in this car and it is important that the Vietnam has successfully organized and branded brand cars. "

And not just a thousand cars in a & # 39; This brand name car is in the development industry, but for Mr Nguyen Sy Cuong, Deputy Chief Executive of the National Assembly's Foreign Affairs Committee, this is a result that makes you have a special feeling. "Watching VinFast's launch, my heart is full of sense. It's been so long, for decades, that I do not feel as a result of my country. With that feeling, I hope Vinn's Vietnamese car will be a car at every Vietnamese family. "


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