Elon Musk works 120 times a week, so how valuable is your hour?

Elon Musk may be able to retire. He can not look at the side, investors, members; boards, business partners, and the public, but despite their stress, the fish and their stomach; decision has been growing. Whether Tesla CEO keeps climbing higher, not just click once and then off.

After writing an email about just 9 words on 7 August while the sessions are & # 39; In the marketplace, the stock of the electric car company at which it is; Markets have increased, with that value. Its own. The Tesla division rises to 11% and some of the estimates show up to Musk basic level of $ 1.43 billion. But as most of the unusual thweets were posted by the well-known billionaire, abolished: the Trustees Commission and the Exchange (SEC) investigated Tesla, a series of legal laws was disturbing its & # 39; company, and company shares were inserted in time up and down.

Days after that, after Musk presented his busy record in a real-time interview with The New York Times, people everywhere – from users to media journalist Arianna Huffington – D & # 39 ; ask him to turn off his work and take some rest. Musk says he has been working 120 times a week and has no peace since 2001, when he has been suffering from malaria. "Sometimes I did not leave the factory for three or four days – I did not go out in those days"- says Musk.As a result, I can not meet my children. And friends too"

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The entrepreneur had an article on the misleading work program of Musk in May. Musk seems to have allowed some time to attend his brother's marriage before he came to the Tesla factory for meetings – he gave a new meaning to the workaholic word.

It is true that Musk's success is linked to the success of Tesla, and that his vision has been to his / her; company is today. But foolishly and Tesla's ability to find a person who Musk can trust to control the work he / she; wondering: How good is Elon Musk's work? And what harm would you be if you keep going?

Starting the survey, we know that the general formula for the value of time is related to annual salary and income, but for a person such as Musk, that formula is virtually non- practicable. Another thing, although Elon Musk's salary at public Tesla (and the smallest salary in California), has almost never received the money. Next, his salary at SpaceX – a private company – is a mystery. Lastly, its additional capital has not been published and the apportionment is possible to & # 39; means although we know that the value of the Musk net is about $ 23 billion, we do not know what year and year; there. How many income is home.

However, there is an interesting idea of ​​how Elon Musk's value will be evaluated. The Tesla for Musk plan over the next 10 years was announced in January this year. Tesla says that the Company's Chief Executive will not receive certified fonts – from wages, money, and fairness over time. Instead, the Musk payroll will depend on performance, as a string of income milestones. To get the highest bonus, Musk Tesla must put it to the best goal: to be on a $ 650 billion market capital.

Currently, Musk says he works 120 hours a week, which means more than 17 hours per day, reaches more than 6,440 hours per year and over the Over the next 10 years we will have more than 62,400 hours of time; work. If Tesla pays $ 55.8 billion to Musk for 10 years, that means if he is still in a position; maintains a work desk to help Tesla achieve its goal, the value of Musk value is near $ 900,000. South Westerly

However, there is no promise that Musk will have an hourly hour at the office giving him 900,000 dollars. That is because the money paid to Musk is fully based on the performance of its company. Tesla indicates that there are bonus Heads at risk: if Musk does not make any important columns, it will get $ 0 in total.

A famous phrase that "makes you accelerated, harder" is very suited for this situation. According to a sleep study in 2016, calllessness for 7 days (5 hours) will continue to be & # 39; attract attention, memory, and control of his body, as well as good pleasure. The ability to take care of and the speed of carrying the object can never be returned even after two revival nights. From that, the detrimental effects of sleeping nights – will last up to months!

For that reason, Musk says that he must deal with disobedience – to the place where he needs to choose either Ambien to sleep. But the high probability of the effects of work and stress – although it is small – one day will have a positive impact. In the most convenient case, a new schedule could help review the Musk and Tesla to achieve the milestones they put out in January 2018. Long-term study of the effects is not working 120 times a week for interesting work, but Musk will know the results sooner.

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