Enter the "box", China's super-cheap cars will be sold to anyone in Vietnam?

Chinese carrier migrants and distributors are also promoting delegates, showrooms in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh City and other towns. However, depending on the distribution of some campaigns, this car in Hanoi and Hai Phong remains a major source.

Chinese car included in small numbers to explore the Vietnam market.

Chinese car included in small numbers to explore the Vietnam market.

"Nguyen Van Cu, Long Bien, Hanoi is a Chinese, Chinese, Chinese-speaking Vietnamese," Chinese car trader at Nguyen Van Cu.

In Hanoi, the new models are used especially for 5-7 seats, bicycle cars, Zoyte of the mainland of China, sold with Luxgen car from Taiwan. The generals of these modules are attractive models and a reasonable price.

At the moment, out of the Zoyte market models as Z8, Z300, Z500 and T600, while Bike models such as F5, F5 and V2 … were also sold in Vietnam. The prices of these vehicles run from 300 million to almost 800 million, which are & # 39; It is highly competitive compared to the multi-purpose vehicles that are available on the market.

Most Chinese cars to Vietnam have been just 1/3 cheaper than the only model from the main market brands. Car dealers and traders recognize that it has been difficult to use Chinese car prices over the last few years due to rapid discharge. car.

"And maybe a few years later, the car was sold, but this is a story like this and market psychology because Vietnam's market is still Getting used and credible in the quality of Japanese cars, many new cars – Russia will also be very quickly lost if it's issued, " recognize a Chinese car trader.

According to the latest statistics of the General Quotation Department, the first half of 11/2018, introduced 62 cars under 9 seats to Vietnam, leading agents in Hanoi, Hai Phong.

Indeed, according to the General Education Department statistics, the number of cars in China in the last 10 months is very remote, months of car stations that come to Vietnam Nearly 100 April and May / 2018, the following months are not included in Vietnam. In the first half of November, the number of cars under 9 seats in this country was introduced to Vietnam.

At this time, Chinese export models have hand in hand with car makers from Ireland and Europe and are expecting to go to them. brought out into the world. However, it is added to & # 39; China's craftsmen were blamed to "steal" the design, the engine, the rubbish and inside of the world's most famous car businesses, especially Range Rover, Audi, Lexus. Scotland.

Currently, Vietnam is with ASEAN countries committed to carrying out a roadmap to bring China's supply of goods to more than 650 million people. In 2018, vehicle items – categorized as high quality products (HCL), technology products will reduce installments to ASEAN, the targets to get into 50% ASEAN are compared to the normal service 75% 100%.

Chinese businessmen such as Bike, Zoyte, Faw, Geely and Chery are involved in buying and selling. capitalize with a number of ASEAN car manufacturers, including Malayalam, Indonesia and the Philippines, where Chinese cars compete. ASEAN co-operative car companies, where the market has grown dramatically in recent years.

An Linh

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