Evidence of "tycoon" Nguyen Van Duong about a former minister on Public Security

Nowadays (November 19), the Panel will continue to "#; first heard "trillion gambling". The defendant Nguyen Van Duong (who was the Chairman of the Senior Development Development Security Board (CNC) was first asked on the podium to report to the Research Panel.

Standing in front of the podium, Nguyen Van Duong was slow to answer questions from the panel. Duong responded to allegations about an allegation in the conviction and respected the allegations that were previously condemned by Phan Sao Nam.

The Panel asked Duong to respond directly to the question of a Panel regarding whether the correct complainant is responsible. Yang affirmation is real.

Defense of Nguyen Van Duong.

Defense of Nguyen Van Duong.

The panel will investigate how the relationship exists; What is the defense of Sao Phasis? Yang justified social relationships, and then male people wanted to exchange cooperation.

The next thing, the Panel asked "Who introduced the person who attacked the company to establish a technology development certificate certification company (CNC) to cooperate with the C50?", Am a man to defend the fluent Duong who served as Deputy Minister The Ministry of Public Security (lost) discusses the idea of ​​establishing a professional company for the Ministry of Public Security, and then Duong introduced meeting with Nguyen Thanh Hoa (who was a director of C50).

After that, Duong met Chemistry and it was said that it was necessary to establish a professional company under the Ministerial Decision. Then, Duong and Mr Hoa said they were a former secretary of the Ministry of Public Security and were told to establish a CNC company, the main purpose of economic activity. Prior to this, Duong was not expecting this company to be established.

LZXX Trial asked who is the sign between CNC and C50? Duong said Mr Hoa is the C50 producer who has signed a CNC collaboration. According to Duong, C50 has 20% capital in the CNC, with no help to staff. After co-operation, Mr Hoa said that the capital grant does not promise that the agreement should not deliver a capital, although Duong and Mr Hoa are not there.

Duong said, due to the long term maintenance process, so do not forget the content of the joint agreement between CNC and C50. Yang only remembers the economic activities, commercial activity, decorative activities to fight high tech crime.

The panel asked "Who does the Ministry of Public Security work carry out the CNC review?", Duong Khai, Nguyen Thanh Hoa will be arrested.

Duong said, during the period from 2011 to 2015, Duong said every month, each quarter, the CNC gave an annual report to the C50. In addition, C50 people sometimes researched. CNC's first office for outsourcing, after 2012 head of office Number 10 leased by General Department. The police.

By the beginning of 2015, the new CNC's professional company CNC is a Universal Police decision.

Back to the content of a collaboration between CNC Company and a VTC online company of Sao Sao Nam, the Panel "means a Signature signed by VTC online, the legal CNC side allows the game to be released. out right? " answer "yes".

HQXX requested the next time signed by VTC online The CNC has applied for permission to publish the game and who the candidate, Duong Khai is currently seeking permission, the person who and Nguyen Thanh Hoa Director C50 directly to the Ministry of Information and Communications (TTTT) for permission.

According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, Phan Van Vinh (who was Chief Executive of the Department of Police Department) was the person who, ask this Ministry directly.

"Working with a VTC online play game, the guardian must report to the guardian Nguyen Thanh Hoa who does not know?" – Research Panel, Duong Khai is recited to Nguyen Thanh Hoa just after his sign a contract.

The Panel has asked, "Did the report specifically agree that a CNC collaboration with a VTC online for running its game is not allowed?" Duong replied. "The defendant has been signed by VTC online to chart games Mr Hoa said he had to do that.

The Panel continues to ask, "At this stage, the person accused Phan Van Vinh recognizes the CNC collaboration with VTC online?" Duong said. "The defendant thinks of Vinh, Mr Vinh knows on a C50 file that was inserted."

"The Ministry of Information and Communications requested permission from the Ministry of Information and Communications, then obtain permission" – Research Panel, Duong replied "The Telecommunications Ministry has directed The CNC company has some methods, but still does not have permission. "

The panel continues to & # 39; questioning Yang, why the MIC has not yet been licensed and maintained. going with gambling games, Duong said there were many similar games that did not work on that market before that. process of approval. So, the DuCC CNC company wants to start a spit to advise the C50 process, which the engine continues to work.

"When you sign up with the C50, what is the biggest contribution made by CNC?" – LAX asked, Duong said. "But a long time ago, the person has not remembered the information. But it can be said that after the co-operation has been signed, CNC has also tried to cooperate in the high tech tech revival, Report these actions and it is shown in the case "


The Panel decides that the C50 will be a add 20% of the capital and have a partner, but does not capitalize and the Panel has asked "the C50 does not make capital allowances, or any donations , his company asked to cooperate for what?, Duong Khai. "After recording a & # 39; Co-operation, the C50's advisory team fully understands that the capital grant is not preserved as in the agreement, money should not be given. And it is a CNC co-operation that has been accused of its company & # 39; The person who defends himself is a technology-friendly, he wants to take part and add something to the country in this area. Yang said that this effort to respect the Yang base was established by this company to become a former Public Security Minister (lost).

According to their prejudice, after Nguyen Van Duong CNC Company, Phan Van Vinh (who was Senior General Manager – Ministry of Public Security), Nguyen Thanh Hoa (who was a General Manager, was the Director of the Department of Crime Prevention of Crime high tech – C50 – Ministry of Public Security) to create favorable situations to work.

In early 2015, Duong agreed to accept the recommendation from Phan Sao Nam to launch the game, and he asked Luu Thi Hong (former CEO of the CNC) Pond Sao Nam contract to arrange for the fight. Online money in the Rikvip / Tip.Club online game format, 23Zdo, Zon / Pen.

After signing a contract, Yang directed his members; company is the domain name, rented registered trademark; Payroll gateway is connected to HomeDirect Company, VNPT EPAY Company, Ngan Luong Company and the GTS Company to operate and control the revenue from a gaming group, over 1,600 billion (with Rikvip level over 370 billion, Tip.Club is over 1,200 billion).

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