Ex-La Bonita residents come to the VP Bank for the Thirty Employers

Related to the event Nam Thi Migration Company (Nam Nam Company) The Bank Prosperity (VPBank) has also submitted a complaint to the Criminal Inspection Division on Economic and Hard Studies (Ho Chi Minh City Police) to refuse its case. The Company Thrust Signs "Threatening Hands" by Customers to Play & # 39; sold bankrupt assets at banks.

So, VPBank can get two buyers, NVT and TTL (based in the Phu Nhuan area, HCM City) cooperate with Nam Thi to make loans worth VND6.1 billion over contract agreement with VPBank.

In particular, after completing the application, VPBank Mr N.V.T and Ms. T.T.L paid to the lender. After that, the two men signed the contract for money for the Nam Thi Company, who is a proprietor of the La Bonita building to pay for the furniture.

The contract specifies that the lender must be a key person and pay an interest back every month according to his / her; repayment payer and interest rate agreed in the credit contract. If the lender fails to break any principal or an interesting repayment period, The bank deserves to give every remaining opportunity before they come to an end.

Assets used with NVT and TTL for secure loans for three flats in La Bonita include flat A3 on the 12th floor, A3 flat on the 12th and B2 on the 12th floor. VPBank Demand Mr NVT and Ms. TTL owned a mortgage contract, identified by Ben Thanh Notary Public and recorded the business at the Asset Registration Center in Ho Chi Minh City. The above functions are confirmed by the Thi Nam Company.

In carrying out its & # 39; loan agreement, paid by Mr. N.V.T and Ms. T.T.L has over 200 million dong principal, more than 632 million dong of interest. However, since May 2016, these gentlemen have impeded payment duties, according to VPBank, on 4 October 1818, not the loans that were issued over VND8. 5 billion.

To recover his debt, VPBank said he had spoken several times, he asked Mr. N.V.T and Ms. T.T.L pay debts and take the damaged assets to the bank for handling. However, these two people are going to go without a business, not to # 39; cooperate to deal with them, and even free of charge that all sales contracts are VPBank complex properties with the Nam Thi Company when they still do not have a VPBank Agreement, as well as a special debt.

On the other hand, VPBank has been in touch with the Names Association once and once, asking this company to co-ordinate with the # 39; bank to clarify the case that the parties have to; placing the contract irregularly. Nam Thi does not work together.

In response to PV, Mr NVT stated that the Nam Thi Company in 2017 recommended that his wife and her husband identify a contract to buy the three rooms bought by the Nam Thi Company, which & 39; including VPBank to Nam Thi directly. paid by VPBank.

According to Mr N.V.T, the settlement minutes were put in place between the two parties, VPBank also received summary accounts. However, this violation did not agree to VPBank as the Nam Thi Company has not paid VPBank.

"Nam Thi company sells the room unusually on our plane with our friend, it's a kind of trouble that I was myself and myself receiving VPBank. I also worked with VPBank and I propose Le VPBank transport assets, VPBank has to consider, "said NVT.

According to VPBank, Mr NVT and Ms. TTL "blows hands" by the Nam Thi Company to demolish, as long as the VPBank damaged room sales contract & # 39; is a long debt that has shown that an illegal property signature, which adversely affects the quality of credit; bank.

Mr Do Thanh Trung – Deputy Director of Compliance and Compliance Department, VPBank, said: "With an NVT and TTL acknowledgment of the sale of its sales contract by the Thi Company, VPBank The Thi Company has continued to Moving these resources to people and other organizations, if this happens, it is clear that the Nam Thi Company has enforced the buyers of property that is NVT and Ms. TTL is damaging VPBank and it makes it difficult to handle bad bad debts and bank. "

In light of VPBank progress, the Police Department investigated the crime and corruption of the Ho Chi Minh City and NVT and TTL and associated people (if any) that were arrested for inspection and treatment. Anti-abusive behavior supports VP Bank property.

Related to the adverse effects of the The Thi Company at La Bonita building, on September 10th, after thinking about the people who were in a position. Living about the illegally Nam Thi company that was built illegally on the roof of the building, Ho Chi Minh Town Building Department's Auditors have administered an administrative control of this campaign with the amount of 45 million , and at the same time ask them to have been deleted all the construction works. However, on October 25, a company still has a & # 39; refusing to comply with the disciplinary requirement, so the Department of Area Investigators has sent a written message to the Thanh Thanh District People Committee, asking this unit to make a decision. Build the fight at La Bonita building. On the 13th and 19th of November, dozens of residents in the building kept their complaint, and # 39; objecting to his / her tiredness; sold one place to many. Most of the customers said that; Nam Thi company, they have all their money to buy the room. Few people, more than 3 billion, have more than 22 billion but are now in a position; come into the property disputes because everyone has the right documents.

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