Experts explain why cheap houses were swept away from the supply

There are 5 problems

Sharing at & # 39; Conference on marketing of attractive rooms: the bridge is not enough supply, why ?, Dr. Can Van Luc – economist said that the policy approach has many ideas, obstacles in which enterprises have been very difficult to implement, the project.

Experts explain the reasons why the price of housing in the price gap between supply and demand - Picture 1.

Low Resolution Market: Low Application Bridge

Low prices, the partners are aware of their low price market: State – business – people – society and market. The use of low cost housing is very large but very low rates of houses are very limited. There are many reasons for low cost housing development and low-cost housing market such as non-residential construction policy; limited land asset; small bank beliefs and difficult situations …

Mr Luc also added five major problems today. The first problem is that the "problem" is a "strange country"; in land financing with an estate business, and then a legal business problem will be implemented.

The second case is to allocate 20% of the land property in relation to the issues related to place, architecture, general place … of low cost affordable housing projects, Mr. Luc wanted to implement this comply with regulations or discharges.

The third issue that was shared with Dr. Do That is that the Government should create a mechanism for converting a land for infrastructure, but it is not compiled. Mr Luc, in particular, some places do well, but some of the places that did not do well.

The fourth magazine, Dr Van Van Luc, showed a planning concern. According to Luc, in Hanoi, some of the urban areas such as Linh Dam decided to stay very comfortable and fit, but recently overdue, the design was not properly implemented. Mr Luc praised his desire that the Government should pay more attention to the tax, there should be a good way for initiatives to implement the project.

The fifth edition must be addressed, according to Dr. Luc, who wants to update the housing development strategy.

The expert expects the government to set up a housing saving asset, property dependency trust. With the respected household, surely the state must be stronger, the problem will be resolved. "The government needs to monitor its implementation, in particular to monitor the quality of the jobs. Most of our furniture projects in Hanoi have not met the requirements fire prevention, "said Van Luc's historian.

Sorry to have a home when …

According to Dr. Nguyen Tri Hieu, a specialist in finance and banking, did not agree that state officials should not support flat rates for low-cost housing projects. Enable people in Vietnam to buy low-level households without supporting interest rates difficult for the situation.

"GDP Vietnam is $ 2540 per annum every year. Compared to the United States, their average is $ 60,000, where they give a 30-year-old loan of 5%. Although we are in Vietnam we are, in commercial banks, buying 1 billion places, 70% bank loans, and & # 39; first month that pays their first 3 million 3, an interest of 7 million, a & # 39; First month pays 10, 4 million. With a married couple working, there may be a need for at least double income. How many people are Hanoi in the region of 20 million? "Hieu Share.

Speaking about capital, Dr. Nguyen Tri Hieu says that Vietnam's capital market is too weak. According to Hieu, we need to rely on property from pension assets, investors, insurance agents, long-term capital, government bonds … If the banks are dependent on capital as the current risk for banks, for finance, for the Vietnam economy.

Pham Thi Van Anh, former head of Business and Construction Credit Department of the Department of Economic Affairs, said that capital was one of the problems. Incredible with projects in the low price sector. "The State has issued many documents and policies to guide credit institutions to implement policies and programs such as the 30 trillion package, the social housing loan policy to improve the development of this section," Ms. Van.

"At present, the difficult problem is that a state budget has not been able to allocate funds for social credit institutions," said Van Anh.

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