Explain who is behind the Xuan Thanh Trinity, Dinh La Thang – DVO

In the report on the voters' petition, the Board of Appeal stated that voters Vung Tau would clarify who is behind Dinh La Thang, Trịnh Xuân Thanh in pollution behavior; To clarify a renewable loss in these cases to handle and restore robust assets.

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Mr Dinh La Thang and Trinh Xuan Thanh. Photograph: VNA

Responding to & # 39; This recommendation, the Committee found that the people who had been Dinh La Thang and Trinh Xuan Thanh, as well as the relevant officers, are solved by the Court and the relevant authorities during its time; the lawsuit. First instance, case appeal of Dinh La Thang and comparisons.

Having the views of voters, the Committee said. He argued he would keep his / her; petitioning the relevant authorities to clarify the word "group interests", "back field", personal responsibility involved in tough Matters as voters.

In addition, the Committee still has a & # 39; recommend appropriate state agencies to strengthen effective legal action in the prevention and crime of corruption, and deal with corruption in accordance with the provisions of their Code. Offenders and take all steps to recover lost assets caused by stubborn behavior.

Participants in this area also advocated voters in many departments of the National Assembly instead of being able to; monitor the implementation of law against corruption, ban on group members; To monitor the combat handling of a number of senior military and police chief executives.

In this regard, the Judgies Committee said that audit activities, including work in relation to the ban and fight of the National Assembly, including the strengthening of the National Assembly's operation, revitalizing in recent years.

Scrutiny activities have contributed to creating clear changes in & # 39; block, detect and & # 39; treatment of contaminants.

In addition, surveys, surveys, investigations, allegations and hearings have been strengthened, many of the most serious cases and economic pollution have a huge loss of capital and state ownership. They are detected and treated over time.

Many issues include adverse impact on senior officer breach; Party and State, general in the Army, People's Police … and including the chambers appointed. South Westerly

In the Economic Commission's regulatory area, Da Nang voters suggested that the National Assembly should strengthen the direction in the field of land and public housing management because this is a range of issues. Negatively occurring, stomach Sub-

At the same time, voters in Ho Chi Minh City will reflect on how taxes will be used to use road services, A reasonable BOT fee, resulting in a number of projects causing concern in the people and public opinion. Electors should ask the National Assembly, that the Government should monitor and monitor, performance to address this problem quickly, without disruption, to & # 39; affecting the security of political security and social security order.

Receiving voters' views, in the future, National Assembly groups will continue to promote the implementation of a variety of ways to monitor the prevention and objection of corruption as a " Increasing questioning, Crucial scrutiny related to the work of corruption.

The Judgments Committee will pay more attention to & # 39; handle special corruption cases, analyze and execute; Investigate the investigation, investigation and judgment of bad and complex criminal cases including senior officers … On a survey basis, assessment and clarification of individual responsibilities, levels, branches and areas for constraints and weaknesses in disabling & fight against corruption. to make positive changes to achieve the "step-by-step step and to eradicate corruption".

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