Expressing initiatives in to # 39; implementing administrative procedures – Economy

The Prime Minister provides guidance to the active agencies to deal with Son Truong Co Ltd's proposals in relation to the difficulties in the & implementation of administrative procedures.

In particular, the First Minister called for Population Committees in cities: Hanoi, Hai Phong and Quang Binh to investigate Son Truong Co Ltd's complaints for delays, causing it to be difficult to to carry out administrative procedures on land, construction and minerals in & # 39; community;

To change it and consider it to & # 39; control of officers, public servants, preventing organizations and units (if applicable); Report to the Prime Minister by 12/12/2018 (if so).

At the same time, the Ministry of Property, Natural Resources and Environment, Justice and the Vietnam State Bank will be exploring and analyzing. Handling Son Truong Co, Ltd's handling of the problems and inappropriate in regulations. of land-related approaches, acquisition, access to credit; Suggestions for the reform of administrative procedures; Answer your company and contact the Prime Minister by 15/12/2018.

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