Facebook reservoirs have asked Mark Zuckerberg to decline as chairman following many unfavorable statements

Zuckerberg's "invasion" has set out the difficult challenges that Nick Clegg has come, the global media and the new policy director of Facebook in the last month and has been in love. The bridge needs to evaluate the use of Facebook of lobbying companies.

Jonas Kron, senior supreme president of Trillium Asset Management, is an American $ 8.5 million interested in Facebook. The person asked him on November 16 on Mark Zuckerberg to retire his position as chairman of his board because of clips attached to the reports.

"Facebook's behavior is like they would. make snowy snow. They are not. This is a company, and all the president and CEOs must be unique"he said.

Both Zuckerberg and Clegg have been under pressure last week to inform Facebook to Definers, a Republican Public Relations company, to "honor" its & # 39; accredited belief. Very hard after it's hard to include the only social media platform in the world; dealing with the US crack that included the US 2016 selection and the Cambridge Analytica screen.

Clarification was made of melodies to promote the use of Facebook critics as anti-Semites and their; write essential articles of their joint ventures. In addition, it is also the responsibility of public relations organizations to try to stimulate reporters to cover anti-Facebook groups linked to Soros.

In a meeting with last Thursday reporters, Zuckerberg refused to know that his company had defined the Definers. "As soon as I knew about this, Tell me my team and we did not work with this company again. " – said Zuckerberg. He also asked Nick Clegg to evaluate how to use Facebook for lobbying companies.

However, Kron says that new information about the use of Facebook of Mines has enabled Zuckerberg to give his job a real job, both as president and chief executive.

"This latest report may have to abolish any suspicions that some people may have"he said.

Mark Zuckerberg has held a high level of control of the social networking industry that he founded in 2004, due to his role together, and is also a holder of 60 sections. % of the company's voting division.

Investigators to Clegg have been involved in difficult work to do so; Facebook's reputation, because it does not capture Silicon Valley's connection.

Facebook reservoirs demanded Mark Zuckerberg to decline as chairman following many reports of adverse - Photograph 1.

Julie Goodridge, Head of Management of the NorthStar Asset – Facebook journalist with over 50,000 shares in the company – said Clegg had been investigating "crazy" Facebook campaign behavior.

"I do not think you're able to post a person who is still in & # 39; hang on the table and depend on senior managers"she said.You can not expect that person to come up with power such as Zuckerberg, Sandberg, Peter Thiel and other board members. How much does this person have?"

Kron said he was pleased Clegg would evaluate Facebook's attempts, but he said that the motion was "not enough". He mentioned Clegg as a "molehawk" move from Facebook – which was not the biggest problem solving – an independent chairman.

At the meeting on Thursday, Zuckerberg said that he had asked Nick Clegg to evaluate the actions of his campaign; company. The former PM spokesperson reports back to Sheryl Sandberg Facebook COO.

Facebook's sponsor, Natasha Lamb, a governing partner of Arjuna Capital, warned that there was a joint role with both Heads and Heads of Directors to allow Facebook to be able to; avoiding internal problems. company.

"The power of the power creates many protection lines within a & # 39; company. It is a way to hide that there is a problem, rather than identifying that problem and its. offer a way to get over."she said.

Goodridge warned that if Zuckerberg became chairman, Facebook stock prices would fall.

She asked for a change in Zuckerberg class B voting rights, which had 10 voting rights in each division instead of a right of voting for each stock A class.

"It does not matter who's going to attend meetings; board, Mark has enough power to control the & # 39; company"she said.

The role of the Chief Executive and the chairperson has been highly regarded in Silicon Valley, where it allows control founders to keep the business even when they are in a position. company in the market.

Elon Musk held the two positions of a Tesla car company until he signed his agreement with the United States Security and Commerce Commission in October, one company. Chairman of Board of Directors.

Reference: Telegraph

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