From 1st July 2019 all public service and public services must publish property and income

With the Law on Corruption Prevention (Amendment) agreed by the National Assembly on 20 November, the National Assembly has decided to select no choice for unauthorized property management, which is believes that it is very important in the fight against corruption. corruption.

However, the new point, from which the law came into force (1/7/2019) requires all cadres and civil servants to publish property and income.

The current law determines that constituents from senior heads of sections of the People's Committees in rural areas, urban areas, regional divisions or regional towns or the Units in groups, groups or units tell their features.

The report describes its pre-press release, Committee Chairman; Judge Le Thi Nga, said that the National Assembly's representatives said it is essential to expand all the officers it is not possible.

The National Assembly's Sustainability Committee reconstructs the ideas expressed to the National Assembly, which extends the purpose of the obligation to demonstrate all public servants and servants to create a source of database comparison and difference when they are postponed to higher positions or when assets and income change in the year 300 million or more …, these topics do not have to report annually.

Although the draft law is obliged to expand the subject for its purpose. the first time but to limit the subject area to be published and published annually it is suited to the ability of a property control group. and to ensure feasibility. Therefore, he proposes to hold his Congress as set out in the draft law, said Russia.

In terms of ownership control, income (Section 30) during the session, many ideas regarding the draft law. It is suggested that the Executive Inspectors will make control of the assets and income of people who are in receipt of their property. Holding posts from the former chairman of the People's Committee of the local or equivalent level. Other recommendations should be given to the Inspectors of the Government, the area's inspectors, the inspectors to control the assets and income of each subject which is the responsibility of the declaration. It is recommended to establish a specialized organization or the National Assembly's agencies to control the resources and revenue and to preserve the current legal interpretation.

The National Assembly's Sustainability Committee stated that it also needed to be consistent with the current state-of-the-art truth and to ensure that it is possible to; Overcoming Legal constraints on Serious Crime and Communication. Modification of the property control model, revenue should be to strengthen a centralized degree. The options for the inclusion of property and income control bodies to the National Assembly were assessed and evaluated to be able to form the basis of specific calculations on the number of subjects that are controlled by each group.

In this regard, the Sustainability Committee of the National Assembly has directed the General Secretary of the National Assembly to submit its votes to its representatives. Showing the results 330/456, a & # 39; representing 68.04% of the total number of rural countries agreed with the provisions of the draft law. 83/456 representations from representatives, accounting for 17.11% of the total votes that represent; favoring the regime: Attend the Government Inspectors to control the assets and income of the person who holds them from the departmental director and similar work. All local and local organizations and organizations; a minister of inspector, the divisional inspectors, the organization-led unit and the staff of his / her staff; group, body or unit where there is no inspection group of property management and the income of the remaining subjects.

Most of the comments received from Article 30 of the draft law are: The Inspectors of the Government specify the control and control of the person's assets and income; Retained from the departmental director and equal or more work in the ministry. Ministers, agencies connected with the Government, local administrations and State initiatives; ministers, ministerial level groups and agencies that are attached to the Government. The area's local authorities are the property management and income of other probationers working in the offices, ministerial level agencies, Government-related agencies, local administrations and State initiatives; Other organizations and political organizations and socio-political organizations manage ownership and the income of people responsible for their work at their organizations and organizations.

In terms of asset certification, Article 41 will control its assets; property control group, income asset confirmation, income when increased assets, income of 300,000,000 or more With the previous source and income Before the person who is obliged to report an unreasonable explanation of the source.

Chairman Le Thi Nga, who recommended the change to change from 300 million to 100 million.

The National Assembly's Sustainability Committee explains that the Government needs to explain or explain income to the Government on a VND 300 million revenue according to consideration of the increase or reduction of irregularities . compared to previous income, revenue and average annual income. This level is also comparable to the high value of business, suspicious business in the prevention of cash calls and international reference and expertise.

Therefore, the National Assembly's Sustainability Committee proposes that the National Assembly would maintain the same as the draft law.

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