FTM, STG, SDU, MPT, PJT, SVI, MST, VST: Information about selling many sections

Duc Quan (FTM) Development and Development Group: Pham Thi Phuong, Head of Board of Directors, is scheduled for sale to have 3,673,100 (7.35%) shares in possession. It is expected that the action will take place between 22 and 20 December.

Southern Transportation Corporation (STG): JSC Shipping and Transport Indo Register registered for 8,475,670 shares. Before Indo Tran can have 28,433,492 departments (level 33.28%). It is expected that the business will take place between 22 November and 21 December.

Joint Building and Building Development (SDU) Stock Company: Mr Hoang Van Anh, Chairman of the Board, is registered to purchase 450,000 shares. By default, Mr Van Anh has 4,523,600 shares (22.62%). It is expected that the action will take place from 20/11 to 12/12/2018.

Phu Thanh Garment Cooperative Stock Company (MPT)Le Khanh Trinh, a separate repository, 220,000 shares, purchased from 717,500 (4.61%) to 937,500 departments (6.03%). Actions executed on 10/23/2018.

Petrolimex Water Transport Cooperative Stock Company (PJT): America LLC has sold 1,947,536 (12.68%) shares and is no longer a major stakeholder. The business was done on November 16,

Hoa Good Shared Stock Company (SVI): The SSIAM Sif-Vamnam Active Value Airport has purchased 122,000 shares, and its acquisition; benefit from 1.3 million shares (ratio of 10.13%) to 1,422,000 departments (11.08%). Trade on 13/11/2018.

Building Construction Stock Company (MST): Pham Ba Quang, an individual repository, 453,900 department, has increased the amount of its trading rate to 930,100 (5.17%) and its growth as key stakeholders. Trade on 13/11/2018.

Lang Are Exchange Exchange and Tourism Sharing Stock Company (DXL): Nguyen Van Thanh, a separate repository, won 200,000 shares, increased its trading rate to 524,979 shares (17.75%). Actions executed on 11/11/2018.

Marine Transport and the Vietnam Charities Association (VST): Trade Union of the company for purchase of 5.8 million shares. Before there is no division of a union craft company. It is anticipated that the action will take place from 20/11 to 14/12/2018.

Mai Nguyen

According to the Young Intel

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