Gareth Southgate talks about England and plans

Gareth Southgate talks about England. The 48-year-old promised to continue to regain the three-year revival. despite positive results.

England has some changes

England has successfully gained 2018 experience in the 2018 World Cup tournament and won the UEFA Cup League Cup although he joined the group with Croatia and Spain. But between the two competitions, the Gareth Southgate coach has changed many staff.

Joe Gomez, Ben Chilwell and Ross Barkley are the leading players in the English team, participating in the World Cup in Russia. The first two names were in the two goals in the 2-1 out of Croatia.

Gareth Southgate talks about England and plans for her & her; game
England has success

Southgate is continually improving

Gareth Southgate talks about England. The 48-year-old believes that the team is always the ultimate goal of success and does not; promises the rest of the team. "Regardless of the team winning the title, the same way in which they are ready for the new challenge is to add some new players."Southgate said.

"One of the most important things we can do is to open opportunities for all players, look at the progress of each of us. We are always looking. When we add a new player, the player is happy and others want to confirm themselves."

Southgate is committed to continuing to going to promote Image Image of England 2
Southgate said he would continue to improve the Three

"Everyone knows that there is a competition in the team and playing well. They need to give praise to the team members when they are doing the job very well."

Southgate said:If you talk to Callum Wilson or Jadon Sancho, or other creators, I'm sure they're comfortable. Challenges will help players to be strong when the game is. An interesting atmosphere is very important to what we are doing."

Watch the 2-1 English win video over Croatia:

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