General Secretary of the National Assembly: North Korean data declined politics

The strict questions raised by the media as a result of the voters have been encouraged, the Law on Serious Crime and Breach (modified), but abolishing rules on property management, income and inappropriate definition of the store. original; Liu Pyongyang – Former chairman of the People's Committee in the security of the public security department (he said that "his / her survey group was really awesome").

Liu Pyongyang – Former Chairman of the People's Committee and Director of Police Nghe The department of Nguyen Huu Cau at the questioning session, and then the Political Affairs Committee of the Ministry of Public Security sent a letter to the Party representative body of the -Seanaidh Nàiseanta. General Secretary of the National Assembly, Nguyen Hanh Phuc, said that the northeast number of North Korea was not correct.

"Given that the number of unfinished letters of each group 87, of which only the police division 82, 82 is divided by 87 high. But the fact 82 is divided into more than 120,000 letters, "explained Nguyen Hanh Phuc.

Previously, when they were questioning the Minister of Security to & # 39; Public at the question-and-answer session on October 31, DP Liu said, "its investigation agency is extremely terribly incredible, not to accept the information of 94% 86% of the Procuratorates, 99.76% of cautious tax cases, 100% of the crimes … ". However, arguing with this reflection, Ngu An Nguyen Huu Cau's Public Security Director reported that 87 complaints and 82 police cases were in excess of 120,000 petition enforcement organizations. Therefore, 82% are divided by 87 to 94% incorrect. Subsequently, the Political Party Committee sent a written message to the Committee of the Parties from the National Assembly on what is in policy.

According to the Labor Party Committee document, the authority has directed the National Assembly's Petitions Committee to organize a meeting between the organizations involved and the north to see the data. How accurate. "After the meeting, both sides clarified. The north side of Pyongyang is included," said Nguyen Phuc Phuc.

According to the General Secretary of the National Assembly, in principle, the questioning of UN landlords has raised issues to Government members, the developments are at the moment; Meeting on 31 October two discussions together; So, when ND Nguyen Huu Cau argues with North Dakota, the chairman of the National Assembly announced two NEs issued outside the meeting room.

Responding to questions, is the Ministry of Public Security. An active group, but the National Assembly does not have a direct debate that sent documents to the Party Conference, do it; breaking the principle of democracy? General Secretary of the National Conference Nguyen Hanh Phuc a & # 39; highlighting the question, it is a question on its & # 39; correct question of NA rulers.

"Unfortunately, it would be normal for the Minister to respond quickly, but another representative of his arguments, like responding to a Minister," said Nguyen Hanh Phuc.

The principle of the decision is that the MPs be questioned by Government members and that Government members are responsible for responding. There is a debate with representatives when they participate in debates on economic, social and legal issues. "Representatives do not respond to the Minister." So, when the route pushes Pyongyang for an argument again, the National Assembly asked two representatives to meet separately in the breakdown instead of question query.

"Delta Mekong has also come out to talk to the media about it so I will not re-exchange again, NE has detailed information on the media," – said Nguyen Phuc Phuc.

Following the statement on the re-training of Pyongyang on October 31, the Ministry of Public Security announced, within 12 months of the National Assembly's report (from 1-10- 2017 to 30-9-2018), the number of all news, crime and petition for a complaint have been resolved at 104,767 (the flat rate was over 87%). Compared to the general information of the report, the detection of the crime is resolved, the Liu's DP sentences say that they are small, in which the number of D & 39; reports, the allegations to Handled in accordance with research bodies 82 / 118,731 (0.07%).


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