Getting away from the real estate business is that the records are “wet” for ten months


There are 12 projects in Ho Chi Minh City that stopped Quoc Cuong Gia Lai, with a total area of ​​150 ha, and the project is nearing completion.

Difficulties when the project is "launched" has been revealed by actual building developers at a 100 business meeting and the HCM City of April 10 Committee. The Secretary of the Party is Nguyen Thien Nhan who was the chair. conference.

President Quoc Cuong Gia Lai – Nguyen Thi Nhu Loan – bare love, there are 12 projects in the area with a total density of 150 hectares in the area. This is a mainly agricultural land, the company compensates for the site clearance of people from the public realm. This includes a project of 3,000 m2, which was approved by the town since October 2017 and submitted to the Building Department for approval with 1/500 plan, as close to the target.

Ms Loan claimed that this project will help the company get a number of billions of dong to pay for staff, pay salaries to staff in 1-2 years and wait for the project to explore projects. legal estate really. products. However, when it was submitted to the HCMC People Committee for investment approval, the file was revised. Businesses then have to go back to the first stage to complete the planning process for 1/2000.

Presently, from 12/2018 the Department did not submit this project file to the HCM City Committee, who believe that the land allocated to the campaign since 2005 has been involved in the project. public land or not, Ms. Loan. The campaign must go to the Treasury to ask for the source of the land and the answer to it "too many records after 14 years, passing through the lives of three leaders, so that they don't escape immediately". This group had been recommended as an early item, and would then receive its own recordings.

When the company designated the land since 2005 not to be involved in public land, the Planning and Architecture Department still required a formal document from the Finance Department to approve it. "The files went round and they went to the divisions, but they were worried, afraid, wrong, and so on. It was just a poor industry."

Many estate projects in Ho Chi Minh City are suffering from restrictions because departments are always making legal reviews. Photo: Huu Khoa

Many estate projects in Ho Chi Minh City are suffering from restrictions because departments are always making legal reviews. Photo: Huu Khoa

He added that he tried to wait a long time, Mr Nguyen Van Duc, who represented the Green Real Estate Company, said he had taken a project from the company 18 months to complete the procedure to pay. For more land use. In which the 4 month paper is in the Finance Department, it will take another 14 months in the Natural Resources and Environment section. “With the current improvement in land management techniques, there are no industries that are quiet but affordable houses because the costs are very high,” said Mr Duc.

Chairman of the Long Ship Company Nguyen Xuan Quang said the projects have been hampered by long-term management practices. As a result, progress in project implementation has been delayed, causing a shortage of goods, pushing up product prices. "It is worth noting that businesses leaving Ho Chi Minh City and moving to other provinces or longer," said Quang.

The chief executive of the Novaland Bui Xuan Huy Group estimated that the progress in implementing legal measures for projects in Ho Chi Minh City was too slow, and consequently lost the city's golden opportunity to consumers t foreign owned. It should be noted that current foreign investments are beginning to worry about financial risks when the records held in HCM City last longer.

Leaders of Ho Chi Minh City's department of Natural Resources and the Environment recognized that it is right to focus on initiatives in the difficult conditions that are currently in the process and the most valuable way of doing so t of the procedure. Government petitions relating to current land use, equality or state ownership will be submitted by national government and awaiting guidance. Similarly, Department of Planning and Architecture Ho Chi Minh explained that the Department had in the past to consider file files of a long-term project as the review has to be reviewed.

Vice Chair of Ho Chi Minh City Committee Tran Vinh Tuyen took responsibility for hindering businesses due to legal constraints. He believes that more than 100 initiatives representing only a small part of the entire market's accreditation and difficulties.

Mr Tuyen admitted that the city shared particular problems for major enterprises as long measures to generate bank interest rates, pressure from customers and partners, including water partners. outdoor. However, there are problems at all problems and delays. The town agreed to rectify the Scottish Executive, the errors arising from the baseline must be addressed.

“I hope that the departments feel that they work, accept and prepare records based on a legal basis, not because of doubt, a projection that causes density, destruction to businesses”, she added Mr Tuyen emphasis on him.

Listening to the sensitivity of estate campaigns, HCM praised Nguyen City Party Secretary Thien Nhan to reinvigorate the diagram of administrative methods in a range of construction and design, so that people and businesses know the way. Get the last record and meeting place. Securing the processing of archives, including exceptions, is a key requirement and this will require the public to do this.

Mr Dan was managing, within the industry, that the leaders need to know how to manage and find solutions for business. It is not possible for sub-staff to be deployed as they do not know how to deal with the records, so should avoid the documents, which causes damage to the business.

Ho Chi Minh City Committee Secretary confirmed he had never been to the town's massive estate industry now. There is 38% of permanent households at Ho Chi Minh City, with semi-permanent housing representing 60%. This is therefore a large housing market. "Ho Chi Minh City offers business opportunities to the massive giant and therefore businesses are not depressed. Short term problems are a bit difficult but in the longer term Mr

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